Sustaining Our People and Our Profession

We believe that design is good business and that it matters. Honoring this belief means that we invest in our own people and their professional development and that we work to educate others on the business of design. We work to elevate awareness of design as a profession and as a contributor to business success.

Sustaining Our Environment

We believe that as designers we can reduce our own environmental footprint and help our clients make sustainable choices in their communication strategies. Through the work we produce, paper is our largest opportunity for change. We look for environmentally sound options that conserve resources; we recommend papers with recycled content; and we work only with Forest Stewardship Council-certified printers.

We have expanded this idea to include reducing paperwork that clogs the creative processes and gets in the way of getting the job done.

Sustaining Our Communities

Savage Good

We believe that we need to give back to the community, and we give back what is most valuable – our time and our talent. We have always undertaken pro bono projects for non-profit organizations, and in 2010 we formalized this process under the “Savage Good” brand. Visit the Savage Good Website

In 2013, a collection of our strategic design work was exhibited at the prestigious NY Pratt Graduate Communication Design Gallery to demonstrate how design can drive change.


Savage Brands is an agency that mobilizes minds, drives performance and creates results. We work with companies experiencing transition, growth and transformation by employing Savage Thinking® to uncover and articulate their purpose.

Through strategy, planning and design communications, we help leaders build purposeful brands that increase employee engagement and customer loyalty, enabling leaders to achieve their most ambitious visions.

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