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Anna Maida

Every day is a warm, happy day for Anna, akin to giggling baby unicorns intermingling with butterflies in lush green meadows in the springtime. As a Designer, this eternal optimist works with our Design Directors to design project solutions and assist with production for both print and web. She works with clients such as Consolidated Graphics (CGX), Argos, Nabors Industries and FMC Technologies. Anna received her BS in Advertising from the University of Texas and completed her graduate studies in graphic design at Portfolio Center in Atlanta.

Save the Tamales! A Treasure Hunt of Creative Advertising

Even in my groggy morning stupor, I couldn’t help being curious about the graphic posters lining my route to work. “Save the Tamales from Ronald McDonald,” they read. The posters looked almost political in nature – black with an iconic fist raised into the air, grasping a — tamale?

When to Ask: Why Not?

As a company, Savage has been reading thought-provoking books and discussing them together, talking about how their insight might apply to our work. We recently finished Start with Why by Simon Sinek, which encourages people to take a step back to understand why we do what we do.

Great design is not just beautiful – it’s purposeful

Design is everywhere – and in more places than you probably realize. You recognize it in billboards and book covers, but it’s also in the architecture and décor of your favorite coffee spot, along with the napkins, coffee packaging, in-store signage and even what the barista is wearing.

Mentorship: How to know what you know

As the old adage says, you don’t know what you don’t know. But the truth is that sometimes you don’t know what you do know – at least until someone asks you a question about it. That’s never been clearer to me than when I began mentoring a fellow designer.

Everyone is CEO of something: Surprising inspiration from a valve company

I recently went to a client kick-off meeting with MOGAS Industries, a valve company that we are consulting for. It was a rainy, dreary day when we pulled up to a bright and welcoming campus. Our tour began with the usual meet and greet, but soon took a surprising turn. On the walkway between the corporate office and the manufacturing facility, we were shown the company’s value wall. I’ve seen these things before, but this one was different. The words on the wall spoke to me. They were direct, and they were real. And every employee had signed his or her name at the bottom of the wall.

Do Something Creative Every Day

  The brain is an organ and, as such, it requires oxygen and exercise, just like the heart and lungs. – Eddie Chandler, Stress Management Specialist It has recently become my responsibility to design graphics for our Savage blog. I design a header image to introduce each post. A small responsibility you might say, but this […]

Spicing Things Up with the March of Dimes

  Remember squeezing every ounce of Elmer’s glue out of the bottle, pouring on as much glitter as possible, and then flipping the paper over to reveal glittering swirls of sequins? We got to do that AT WORK! For the past two years, Savage has had the opportunity to work with March of Dimes designing […]

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