About Bethany Andell Haley

Bethany Andell Haley

I am the President and a brand strategist at Savage Brands. I work with clients to develop their corporate purpose and brand approach, including messaging and communications plans.

Seeing Savage’s future: A vivid vision for the new year

What does your company’s vision look like? Can you picture it? Can you hear and taste it?

The 3 Percent: Influential Employees Have Bigger Voices

Successful corporate change – whether it is cultural, functional or growth oriented – is contingent upon employee buy-in. More than ever before, employees are asking questions, demanding transparency and sharing their opinions through social media channels. And more than ever, corporations want these employees to be engaged in the organization and to be ambassadors for the company’s vision.

Committing to Purpose Can Provide Real Results for Women Leaders

What does it mean for business leaders to be truly committed to purpose and to lead a company that brings its purpose to life every day?

As women business leaders, committing to purpose can be one of the most valuable, meaningful decisions we make. But if you don’t mean it, don’t do it. Ultimately, it will only hurt you to claim purpose and not follow through. When you’re truly committed, every stakeholder can see it.

Talent: 3 percent of employees can make or break any corporate change

Did you know that a small percentage of employees has a large influence on the success or failure of any change initiative, regardless of the size of the organization or complexity of the change?

Ask the Expert: What Does Committing to Purpose Look Like?

What does it mean for a business leader to be truly committed to purpose – and to lead a company that brings its purpose to life every day? We asked Savage President Bethany Haley: What does it look like when a CEO believes in purpose and walks the talk?

Why 2014 will be the Best Year Yet: A Letter from the President

We’re looking forward to a great year at Savage. Last year, Savage Brands renewed its commitment to purpose: We believe that by helping companies deliver on their purpose, we are revolutionizing Corporate America.

We are working alongside our clients to help them find and deliver on their core business purpose in order to solve their toughest business challenges:

Annual Reports in 2013 – The Trends say it’s not Print vs. Online, but Both

In my previous post on the Current Trends in Investor Communications, I highlighted some of the data from the January 2013 data on annual reports from the National Investor Relations Institute (NIRI). What we are finding is that many of the trends we saw two years ago, such as the shift away from the traditional report to the summary and 10-K wrap, are still continuing, and the shift towards digital is increasing.

Current Trends in Investor Communications

In my dual roles as both president of the Houston chapter of the National Investor Relations Institute (NIRI) and president of Savage Brands, I’m always interested to hear how companies are preparing and sharing their annual reports. While targeting investors, these reports are often the most succinct corporate communication a company produces and the most visible message coming direct from the CEO.

Five Ways to Enhance Your Online Annual Report

Over the past few years, investor communications have increasingly moved online – and we’re not just talking static PDF “flip books” here. Why the shift to interactive digital reports? One reason is that when annual reports live online they can take advantage of dynamic, interactive media to tell a more engaging and complete brand story.

Here are the top five ways to make your online annual report more engaging:

1. Video integration

Many companies have started to include companion videos featuring their CEOs and other key leaders who are responsible for executing on the company’s strategy. Another popular use of video is to give investors a first-hand look into the company’s actual operations, such as a facility tour. It’s one thing to read about a CEO’s strategy plan or a new state-of-the-art facility, but it makes a stronger impression to also to see and hear the excitement in someone’s voice when they talk about it. For example, look at how Pfizer’s online annual report uses video.

Sustainability & Social Media – Big Topics at APDF Exchange

I attended the APDF (Association of Professional Design Firms) Annual Exchange two weeks ago and not surprisingly the two “big” topics of conversation were related to social media and sustainability. I am not sure I feel like talking about Sustainability today but Social Media is worth some mention. Stephen Randall was the guest speaker related […]

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