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Consultant for brand, marketing and communications strategies for B2B and service companies. Expertise includes corporate branding, investor communications, employee communications, social media, and marketing with emphasis on effective online marketing and use of technology. Specialties: Brand, marketing and interactive strategies, employee and recruiting communications, graphic design, interaction design and usability, social media

Accountability vs. Autonomy: Finding the Right Workplace Balance

Companies everywhere are asking the same question: How do we foster a company culture that is profitable, purposeful and a pleasure to work in? There seems to be a lot of conflicting advice about what makes an office most effective, but the key is striking the right balance between accountability and autonomy, thinking purposefully and getting things done.

Online Inspiration: Links to Feed the Savage Mind

We asked a handful of Savages (yes, that’s what we call our group of talented employees) to share some of their favorite online resources. What you’ll see here is an eclectic set of links that reflect our interests – branding, design, web, strategy and a bit of fun thrown in. We hope this sparks some new ideas for you.

Go ahead and explore these links and feed your own Savage mind.

The Advantages of a Strong Company Culture to Employee Engagement

A company with engaged employees is easy to spot. In these organizations, the culture is clearly defined and employees understand the purpose and goals they are working toward. Simply put, there is a feeling of shared success.

The benefits of engaged employees for the company are proven. Companies that engage their employees are 18% more productive and 16% more profitable. It pays to make your company a place your employees want to work. To fully engage an employee, a company must satisfy the individual’s need for success, fulfill their desire to be part of something larger than themselves and create an emotional connection to their workplace.

Need More Effective Communications? Start by Aligning Your Brand with Your Culture

Your company is sending out communications every day, but do these messages paint an accurate picture of your customers’ experience with the company? If your customers see a disconnect between what you say you do and what your employees actually do, then that creates a “credibility gap” for your brand.

When your employees’ actions are in alignment with your brand messages, you have the opportunity to create credible communications that drive action by reinforcing your customers’ relationship with you.

M&A Cultural Alignment: A Unified Culture Means a Strong Brand

When companies participate in M&A activity, they understand that there will be challenges associated with combining two unique businesses into a single entity. How customers will react to the combined business is a big concern. Managing customer expectations, ensuring that the company’s external brand is shifted smoothly and value remains high all need to be addressed in the external rebrand.

However, this does not tell the whole story, as it does not address the need for clear, internal communication and an effort to merge the cultures of each company so that all parties are on the same track, moving toward the same purpose. In many ways, a company’s culture is its brand, and if the employee experience and attitudes vary throughout the company, the customer experience will begin to reflect that.

Become a Brandonomics Insider: Three Top Tips for 2013

Over the past four months, our Brandonomics interviews on The Businessmakers have highlighted top brands and their marketing strategies. We’ve interviewed marketing leaders from various industries about their new strategies, their best campaigns and the direction they see their brand going next year.

Here are three very interesting trends from these interviews that all marketers should consider in their planning this year:

Three mistakes great brands avoid to stay innovative

Speedbumps. Potholes. Detours. These are all barriers that keep us from getting to our destination, or at least getting there quickly. The road to innovative thinking within your business often faces the same challenges. Sometimes we get detoured down the wrong path by the wrong questions. Sometimes there are unexpected bumps that keep us focused on the wrong problems. And more often than most of us would like to admit, we have tunnel vision that keeps us from seeing the big picture.

If you want to be innovative and grow your business, you have to first avoid the traps that slow innovative thinking and detour big ideas.

Storytelling for Branding and Marketing. Links to Read and Follow.

Stories motivate, inform and inspire. Like campfire stories of old, they are memorable because they invite the audience to “actively participate” and absorb key points by relating to the narrative elements. Because of this, storytelling is a powerful tool for brand communications (and let’s not forget social media too).

Don’t limit yourself to just thinking about a story as a book. A “narrative” can manifest through many different mediums: think about video, social media, presentations, events, and more. While it’s tempting to fall in love with the medium, think about the message first.

I’ve combed through a few of my recent bookmarks to help inspire thinking about your next brand story.

On Being Innovative. Links to Read and Follow.

Perhaps it’s the start of a new year (which makes everyone more optimistic), but innovation has surfaced in many articles I’ve researched and read over the past week. I thought I might share a few that highlight variations of that theme. Let the reading, bookmarking, sharing and following begin.

10 Benefits of a Website Redesign

Your website is your best marketing asset – always working to support your sales team and provide value for your customers. But if it’s overdue for a redesign, you may not be extracting as much value as you can, leaving dollars on the table. In the age of tighter marketing budgets, you need to maximize each communication and marketing channel, starting with a hard look at your website to determine if it’s time for a redesign.

We’ve assembled a list of direct benefits of a website redesign that will help you build your business case for a new site:

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