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Want to Reach Increasingly Tech-Savvy Customers? Channel Minority Report

A recent AMA Houston Energy SIG addressed the question: As marketers and branding professionals, how do we reach consumers that have come to expect technology to be a part of every aspect of their lives? Presenters from Phillips 66 and Baker Hughes shared ways that their company is engaging internal and external audiences with innovative technology

Want to be innovative & disruptive? Disrupt your own operations first

With today’s competitive markets, if you want to be an innovative company – the kind that disrupts industries and leapfrogs competitors, then you can’t conduct business as normal. And if you’re looking for forward-thinking leaders to match that strategy, would you expect to find them through traditional means, or is this a time to think unconventionally too?

In the Future, Your Marketing Materials Read You

Science fiction gives us a glimpse into the future, like the sci-fi thriller Minority Report, set in 2054, that demonstrated an interesting concept: the ability to market based on facial (or, in the case of the film, retinal) recognition. We’ve already seen companies try to harness this sort of technology to put clients’ messages directly in front of their prospective customers.

But one company is taking it a step further – not only recognizing the customer, but also reading the emotions that the messaging produced – and you don’t even have to wait for 2054.

Blast Through a Creative Block: Just Do It

Folks who work in creative roles are all too familiar with the idea of creative block, but you don’t have to be in a traditionally creative role to experience a lack of creativity just when you need it most. By any name – writer’s block, designer’s doldrums, accounting apathy, marketing malaise, programmer’s procrastination – the frustrating lack of inspiration is just as hard.

Facing a Creative Block? Start by Walking Away from the Desk

Creativity is a funny thing. It comes and goes and seems to cramp up at the times when you need it most. That’s especially hard on someone who’s hired to do creative things for a living. It’s not always easy to be creative on demand!

I have found that creativity is like a muscle that has to be exercised to keep it strong enough to propel you through tough creative challenges. Training and stretching your creativity not only builds strength, but also gives your creative mind flexibility and stamina. I keep my creativity strong by doing imaginative things outside of work so that I can reap the benefits at the office.

Savage Takeaways from TEDxHouston

More than 650 people gathered at TEDxHouston 2013 to share ideas about “the other things,” the things we do not because they are easy, but because they are hard. Savages Brandy Beverly, Chad Stanley, Jennifer Phillips and Sara McPherson attended to hear about the “moonshots” of leaders and thinkers from around the world – the things we dream about that would take monumental effort and radical new thinking to achieve.

Become a Brandonomics Insider: Three Top Tips for 2013

Over the past four months, our Brandonomics interviews on The Businessmakers have highlighted top brands and their marketing strategies. We’ve interviewed marketing leaders from various industries about their new strategies, their best campaigns and the direction they see their brand going next year.

Here are three very interesting trends from these interviews that all marketers should consider in their planning this year:

Three mistakes great brands avoid to stay innovative

Speedbumps. Potholes. Detours. These are all barriers that keep us from getting to our destination, or at least getting there quickly. The road to innovative thinking within your business often faces the same challenges. Sometimes we get detoured down the wrong path by the wrong questions. Sometimes there are unexpected bumps that keep us focused on the wrong problems. And more often than most of us would like to admit, we have tunnel vision that keeps us from seeing the big picture.

If you want to be innovative and grow your business, you have to first avoid the traps that slow innovative thinking and detour big ideas.

On Being Innovative. Links to Read and Follow.

Perhaps it’s the start of a new year (which makes everyone more optimistic), but innovation has surfaced in many articles I’ve researched and read over the past week. I thought I might share a few that highlight variations of that theme. Let the reading, bookmarking, sharing and following begin.

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  • Stacey Piefer-Havel
  • Yana Ossenova



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