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Toppling a dangerous website myth: If you build it, they will come

I’ve heard it time and time again – clients believe that creating a website will be like Field of Dreams: “If you build it, they will come.” In reality, this is far from the truth, and it’s critical that we break away from the notion that a website project ends with the launch of the new site.

Launching your website starts a whole new phase of the project, where your focus is on promotion and tracking instead of coding and building. This is the part where marketing becomes essential – if you want people to actually see your content!

Landing Pages: Where Customers Are Made or Lost

In the ever-changing world of online marketing, some tried and true methods still work: sell a great product or service, be good to your customers and provide great content. This last one is tricky. As Google continues to change the rules not only is great content a factor the mechanics of how that content is displayed is a factor as well. Getting traffic to a landing page is easy, getting them to do what you want when they get there is the tricky part.

Inbound Marketing – Your Contact Form is Your Best Friend

In my last post, Inbound Marketing – Converting Visitors to Leads, we discussed what to do when someone visits your site. Simply put, if you sell a product or a service then your website needs to be designed in a way that converts visitors into customers. You want to make it really easy for them to take the next step. What is the next step? Let’s take a look.

Inbound Marketing – Converting Visitors to Leads

Unless you’ve ever done some extensive online marketing in the past or are a marketing nerd like me the term ‘Inbound Marketing’ might seem foreign to you. It shouldn’t. Simply put it’s people coming to your site from somewhere else. It could be from Google, social media sites like Facebook or other places where they find a link to your site like an online directory.

Worst SEO Practices: The Linking Edition

Every brand will invest in or develop Search Engine Optimization (SEO) initiatives to stay competitive. In “the linking edition” of the worst SEO practices, we cover it all! From link farms and bad neighborhoods to redundant hyperlinked text and internal anchor text to too many outgoing links and the forbidden hidden links, we show you what NOT to do.

Worst SEO Practices: The Keyword Edition

Identifying the correct Search Engine Optimization (SEO) practices can be overwhelming, especially when there’s a ton of how-to guides, books and webinars. In “the keyword edition” of the worst SEO practices, we make it simple for you! We show you what NOT to do and how to save your brand’s image from naughty online etiquette.

Creating User-Centered Websites: Part 2, The Key to Designing User Experiences of the Future

As new trends emerge, technology will affect the actions of web users through some common themes. We explore mouse-driven behaviors, typography, and mobile engagement for the future. It’s an exciting time to be planning and designing user interactions, so read more for our insight.

Google’s Instant (Gratification) is all about the numbers

I tried out Google Instant for the first time this morning (just by using the instant settings on, and I can see what all the commotion is about. This improvement is really just all about the numbers, though… time saved, number of search results displayed, etc. So what does this mean, really? For me […]

Mayday! Mayday! Google Confirms Algorithm Changes

This is an algorithmic change in Google, looking for higher quality sites to surface for long tail queries. It went through vigorous testing and isn’t going to be rolled back. Matt Cutts, Principal Engineer, Google

Web Awards: Search and Social 2010

A recent college graduate told us that many of her job interviews were asking for web experience, specifically about search engine optimization (SEO) and writing for the web. I recommended a couple of seasoned forums and vetted resources to get her started. But it will take thousands of hours, just like any other  field, to […]

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