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For marketing videos, planning makes all the difference

Given the trend toward greater video content consumption online, you’re likely considering video as a greater portion of your marketing mix this year. Video can be effective, and budget-friendly, if you take the time up front to prepare your strategy and resources to get the most out of this effort.

Want to Reach Increasingly Tech-Savvy Customers? Channel Minority Report

A recent AMA Houston Energy SIG addressed the question: As marketers and branding professionals, how do we reach consumers that have come to expect technology to be a part of every aspect of their lives? Presenters from Phillips 66 and Baker Hughes shared ways that their company is engaging internal and external audiences with innovative technology

Ready for My Close-Up: Using Video to Drive Sales

We live in a world increasingly dominated by video content. It’s true offline, with Americans watching an average of five hours of television each day, and it’s also true in the digital space. In fact, online video consumption is on the rise: Americans watched 47.1 billion online videos in November 2013 alone, up from 40 billion in the same time period the year before.

Obviously, people are eager to take in video content. But how do you take advantage of that to improve your sales through online channels?

Want to be innovative & disruptive? Disrupt your own operations first

With today’s competitive markets, if you want to be an innovative company – the kind that disrupts industries and leapfrogs competitors, then you can’t conduct business as normal. And if you’re looking for forward-thinking leaders to match that strategy, would you expect to find them through traditional means, or is this a time to think unconventionally too?

The 3 Percent: Influential Employees Have Bigger Voices

Successful corporate change – whether it is cultural, functional or growth oriented – is contingent upon employee buy-in. More than ever before, employees are asking questions, demanding transparency and sharing their opinions through social media channels. And more than ever, corporations want these employees to be engaged in the organization and to be ambassadors for the company’s vision.

Help! I need a CMS that fits my site

Imagine this: You’ve just launched a new website for your company, and you have a few content changes that need to be made. If your site was custom-built without a CMS, that means going back to the developer time and time again to make those edits. CMS platforms provide user-friendly tools for non-developers to make content and imagery changes to the website without any particular web expertise. It’s one of the many advantages to use a content management system – which is why so many of my clients are asking for a CMS.

Toppling a dangerous website myth: If you build it, they will come

I’ve heard it time and time again – clients believe that creating a website will be like Field of Dreams: “If you build it, they will come.” In reality, this is far from the truth, and it’s critical that we break away from the notion that a website project ends with the launch of the new site.

Launching your website starts a whole new phase of the project, where your focus is on promotion and tracking instead of coding and building. This is the part where marketing becomes essential – if you want people to actually see your content!

Judi Martin Earns PRSA Houston Legacy Award for 30 Years of Excellence

At this year’s PRSA Houston Excalibur Awards Gala, Judi will be presented with the Legacy Award, which is awarded each year to recognize a distinguished professional for outstanding lifetime achievement in the field of public relations.

Savage’s redesigned Kelsey-Seybold website earns AMA Crystals nod

Savage Brands has been selected as a finalist in two categories for the American Marketing Association Houston Crystal Awards, both for the work done on the redesigned website for Kelsey-Seybold Clinic.

Committing to Purpose Can Provide Real Results for Women Leaders

What does it mean for business leaders to be truly committed to purpose and to lead a company that brings its purpose to life every day?

As women business leaders, committing to purpose can be one of the most valuable, meaningful decisions we make. But if you don’t mean it, don’t do it. Ultimately, it will only hurt you to claim purpose and not follow through. When you’re truly committed, every stakeholder can see it.

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