Brad Lau


“Yes. Sure okay. No problem.”

I know, you haven’t even asked the question yet, but for Brad Lau it doesn’t matter – the answer is always the same. Brad is always willing to help – and determined to find a solution – no matter what the situation. “Brad, can I borrow your car this evening, load it with C4, and use it as the centerpiece in the local fireworks display?” “Sure, let me buy you some gas first.” That’s the kind of guy he is. As Savage’s resident bean counter, Brad handles our bookkeeping, runs financial reports, facilitates billing with Brand Managers and Design Directors, and interfaces with our accounting firm. Always one to further his knowledge and abilities, Brad’s education spans San Antonio College, the University of Texas at San Antonio and the University of Houston.

Savage Brands is an agency that mobilizes minds, drives performance and creates results. We work with companies experiencing transition, growth and transformation by employing Savage Thinking® to uncover and articulate their purpose.

Through strategy, planning and design communications, we help leaders build purposeful brands that increase employee engagement and customer loyalty, enabling leaders to achieve their most ambitious visions.

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