Catherine Harris

Director of Account Services, Brand Strategist

Catherine Harris

Catherine has seen it all. In-house marketer? Been there. Entrepreneur? Done that. Account manager, brand strategist and digitally adept? She’s all over it. She’s worked at large and small agencies, and she’s worn as many hats as they make. As Director of Account Services, Brand Strategist at Savage, she works as an extension of our clients’ teams, offering expertise, efficiency and a little tough love when needed. Catherine’s excellence has been evident since childhood – just ask her about her Walter Cronkite award-winning, hand-drawn yearbook layout from middle school. These days, she’s more likely to be dealing out highly effective strategy and execution to clients, but we imagine her middle school teachers are still impressed. Catherine is a skilled hula hooper, a masterful bowler and an Indiana University of Bloomington alumna.

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Through strategy, planning and design communications, we help leaders build purposeful brands that increase employee engagement and customer loyalty, enabling leaders to achieve their most ambitious visions.

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