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Have you been trusted to lead your company because of your business savvy, people skills and industry experience? But do you find yourself spending the majority of your time worrying about growth, profits and the bottom line? It’s time to stop obsessing over the numbers and return to being an inspiring leader. It’s time to discover Savage Thinking®.

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Revolutionizing Corporate America

“A problem cannot be solved by the same consciousness in which it arose.”
-Albert Einstein

Do your employees wake up in the morning excited to make your shareholders more money? Do you have customers that buy your product or services solely to help your business thrive? Then why are most business decisions driven by the desire for immediate, short-term growth? Why is Corporate America so obsessed with the financial bottom line?

This myopic mindset causes business leaders to make decisions based on the next quarter rather than the next ten years. Employees disengage from their work, unable to connect with a more compelling purpose than to make money for their company. Customers and clients search for the “best deal” or “lowest price” with little consideration of loyalty or building relationships.

Savage is changing these limiting beliefs by encouraging companies to join the movement toward more purposeful business, which then paves the way to better performance and greater profits.

Across the country, people are beginning to talk about the idea of purpose in business – the non-monetary value a company creates in the world. While growth and profits are critical to success in business, clarity of purpose is even more critical, because it gives people a reason to want a company to grow.

And purposeful companies do grow.

Over a 10-year horizon, the companies studied in the book Firms of Endearment by Raj Sisodia, outperformed the companies mentioned in Jim Collins best-selling book Good to Great by 1025% compared to and 316% and 122% for the S&P 500.

By helping companies deliver on their purpose, Savage is revolutionizing Corporate America, one brand at a time. Join the revolution.

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Statistics for the Left Brain


Corporate cultures based on shared values outperform other firms by 4 times in revenue growth and 12 times in stock growth.

Source: John Kotter and James Heskett, Corporate Culture and Performance (New York: Free Press, 1992)


Purpose explains up to 8% of the variation of the financial performance of companies within the same industry.

Source: Burson Marsteller in cooperation with Penn, Schoen & Berland (2008). Purpose & Performance survey


Companies devoted to a larger purpose than just maximizing profits for shareholders outperformed S&P 500 firms by a ratio of 9:1.

Source: Burson Marsteller in cooperation with Penn, Schoen & Berland (2008). Purpose & Performance survey


180 Degrees to Success


Many companies think that by doing more, they get more. Savage Thinking® shows that the best way to sustain success is to flip the equation. Want to learn how to flip your company’s thinking and establish real, meaningful success?


Gaining Momentum

The Savage Thinking® structure for business is like a spinning top: when it is centered and has momentum, everything spins in unison and the company continues moving toward success. If it becomes unbalanced or the momentum dies down, the top will fall over.

When everyone in the company is clear about why the company exists, where the business is headed and how they are essential to the plan that will get the company there, they generate the critical mass of energy needed to keep the company aligned and moving toward their common purpose.

Learn how to align every person in your company and gain the momentum to move toward meaningful success.

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Do all your executives know why your company exists?

Savage has developed an enlightening exercise that uses five brief questions to uncover information critical to a company’s lasting success. Company executives are asked one question every 60 seconds. The results immediately tell if the company knows its purpose and whether or not executives are in alignment.

Set up a session with Savage to go through this exercise and we will let you know if Savage Thinking® is right for your organization.

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How Savage Thinking® Works

For leaders who are ready to actively engage in a purposeful change within their company, there are five phases of Savage Thinking®.

The Phases

  1. Find It - Identify what drives the company and uncover its Purpose, Vision and Values. This is the critical step upon which all the others depend.
  2. Map It - Outline exactly what purposeful success looks like and create a plan to move the company in that direction.
  3. Know It - Train internally so each employee understands the purpose.
  4. Live It - Establish a culture that ensures each stakeholder is advancing the company’s purpose every day.
  5. Share It - Communicate the company’s messages externally.

These phases establish the structure that will support everything a company stands for and guide them in everything they do.

If a company is interested in having all stakeholders speak in one voice, pursue one vision, and act with one purpose - then these steps will be important.

Learn more about the process of uncovering and articulating your company’s Purpose, Vision and Values. Become a Savage Thinker


Success Stories

Companies that are doing it well:

Although each company has to find its own path to purposeful success, it may be beneficial for leaders in the midst of this shift to see other companies who are operating on purpose and succeeding.


The company is more than 100 years old, but it’s still churning out new ideas. 3M is a manufacturing conglomerate that has created a culture of innovation, and it continues to celebrate that value on a daily basis. As a result, it continues to general successful new products. In a global survey of top executives, 3M was ranked second and third in BusinessWeek’s list of the most innovative companies in 2005 and 2006, respectively.

The company has seven habits that keep it agile and innovative. ( These behaviors are entrenched in the culture of the company and allow 3M to perpetuate its strong culture of innovation and remain successful as it pursues its purpose.


Apple’s success is something that baffles competitors and analysts. The company led the way in designing products and marketing that focused more on the way consumers felt about their gadgets than the specs and details of what those gadgets could do. It did this by targeting a small subset of the population – those who “think different” – and giving them a product that looked and felt elite.

The company created a tribe of people who perceive themselves as different, creative outsiders who deserve luxurious design that “just works.” Even with products that are arguably very similar to their competitors’ and often significantly higher prices, the company continues to boast a vocally loyal tribe of customers and fans. Learn more about Apple at


Atlassian is an Australian enterprise software company that develops products geared toward software developers and project managers. Their purpose is “to provide a social platform that allows people to build software better.” It’s simple, and it resonates with customers.

And the company lives up to its purpose daily, in its products, its pricing and its interactions with every stakeholder. Its culture nurtures employees, customers and suppliers, and those groups have repaid the company with loyalty. In fact, the company is well known for needing no sales staff because its products sell themselves.

Atlassian claims seven behaviors that keep its customers happy and coming back. (

At the heart of the company, the employees care about delivering on the purpose: to allow people to build software better. All the company’s efforts have that customer-centric attitude in mind.


Chipotle’s success is based on its vision of “food with integrity”: its commitment to finding the very best ingredients raise with respect for the animals, the environment and the farmers. People are drawn to the company that serves the “best sustainably raised food possible with an eye to great taste, great nutrition and great value. “

This is not an easy or inexpensive commitment. Steve Ells, founder and CEO of the restaurant chain, has spoken across the nation and testified before Congress about his vision for fresh food that comes solely from ranchers and farmers dedicated to raising livestock and growing produce in responsible, respectful and sustainable ways.

These efforts do translate to higher prices than one might pay at many other fast dining establishments. Ultimately, the people who will spend their money to eat at Chipotle are those who believe in Ells’ vision and share his purpose – and based on the company’s astounding growth rate, there are no shortage of those people.

Learn more about Chipotle at

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What Others are Saying About Purpose

“Great organizations don’t just drive profits, they lead people, and they change the course of industries.”

– Simon Sinek, author, Start With Why

“I would argue that purpose-driven companies have a huge competitive advantage right now. Employees and customers are hungry for purpose. We want to feel that our lives have deeper meaning that goes beyond paychecks and deals.”

–Rich Karlgaard, publisher & panelist, Forbes magazine

“The bottom line for the next ten years is simple: To win in the marketplace, price, performance and transparency – while always important – will not be enough. All companies – and brands – will be judged not just by what they make, but by what they stand for.”

– Robert Rivenburgh, COO, Mars Advertising

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Quarterly Pressure

“The idea that business is just a numbers affair has always struck me as preposterous. For one thing, I’ve never been particularly good at numbers, but I think I’ve done a reasonable job with feelings. I am convinced that it is feelings – and feelings alone – that account for the success of the Virgin brand in all of its myriad forms.”

-Sir Richard Branson, Founder and Chairman of Virgin Group

Corporate executives endure a barrage of responsibilities and stress - 24/7. It is becoming increasingly difficult to lead from “where the buck stops.” And though many Americans perceive business executives as possessing great power and living enviable, easy lives, if employees spent just one day in their CEO’s office they would come to a much different conclusion. Running any company today is increasingly complicated and personally taxing.

Purposeful leaders talk about what their company believes and how each person’s efforts contribute to this purpose. They know most employees are interested in finding deeper meaning in their jobs and seeing how their work adds value to a company and the community.

This is the most powerful and lasting way to affect the value of a company. Are you one of these leaders? Do you know if every employee, client/customer know what you stand for?

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