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Become a Brandonomics Insider: Three Top Tips

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Over the past four months, our Brandonomics interviews on The Businessmakers have highlighted top brands and their marketing strategies. We’ve interviewed marketing leaders from various industries about their new strategies, their best campaigns and the direction they see their brand going next year.

Here are three very interesting trends from these interviews that all marketers should consider in their planning this year:

Always be listening (and looking) to encourage innovation.

In order to stay ahead of the curve, you need to get outside of your comfort zone. This means getting away from your desk once in a while. Take a look at what‰’s happening in your business. Roll up your sleeves and talk to someone new. Go tour a business in a completely different industry and look at it with fresh eyes. Ask yourself what hidden inspiration a bakery, a bank or any business you might be visiting today could hold for your own marketing challenges.

This ‰”active looking‰” can be a source of creative inspiration, but can be difficult to fit in, especially if you already have a lot on your plate. David Brady, CMO from the Houston Zoo had some very practical tips for how you can gain new inspiration and encourage creativity with your team when you‰’re feeling boxed in. View these interviews for some unique suggestions and ideas on:


How is your marketing plan defining and living your brand’s purpose?

Here at Savage we strongly believe that understanding why you are in business, beyond making a profit, is the key to building a strong brand. Better brands make better businesses, and the best performing ones are those that follow ‰”purpose before profits‰” well.

Both of our interviews with Waste Management and Lone Star College Systems showcased better business results from acting on purpose:

Yes, you should have a strong focus on digital strategy.

The astronomical growth of mobile devices is rapidly changing how businesses interact with their audiences, and quite frankly, the bar is higher on what you should expect out of a digital experience.

These two recent digital strategy-focused Brandonomics discussions highlight new trends in personalized online experiences and responsive site design:


What topics are on your mind? What trends would you like to see us discuss in our Brandonomics interviews in 2013?


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