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Marketing should drive the company’s innovations

By keeping a finger on the customers’ pulse and acting as the eyes and the ears of the company, marketers drive the most effective innovations. Daniel Cotlar, Chief Marketing Officer at, shares the innovations that have made them the largest retailer of their kind in the world.

Two Ways to Integrate Brand Marketing Companywide

Savage’s Robin Tooms looks back at the best strategies for integrating marketing companywide, to bring value to areas of the business outside the traditional marketing domain. Brooke Mathes-Yep, vice president of corporate marketing for NCI Building Systems, and Janet Gurwitch, founder and former CEO of Laura Mercier cosmetics, share their strategies for expanding marketing influence.

Video makes internal communications visual and relatable

Looking for a way to make your internal communications more compelling? Try using video. Monica Silva, team lead of internal communications at Phillips 66, discusses how a video starring their CEO made the launch of their spinoff company’s vision and values more successful.

Brand ambassadors make internal transitions positive and effective

When communicating a company change, internal leaders – brand ambassadors – can make internal communications effective and positive. Monica Silva, team lead of internal communications at Phillips 66, talks to Brandonomics about how their brand ambassadors led the charge in their successful spin-off from ConocoPhillips.