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Board diversity provides important perspectives

Diversity among board members is important for companies, but prospective board members need to have a background and expertise to provide good insights. Janet Gurwitch, operating partner of Castanea Partners and board member of La-Z-Boy Inc. talks to Brandonomics about what she brings to the boardroom.

Key factor in making brand journalism work: A great team

The most important factor in determining whether your brand journalism efforts will fly or flop is the strength of your team. To create great, innovative content that resonates with your brand’s audience, you need the best team available. Karen Love, Director of Practice Growth at PKF Texas, talks to Brandonomics about how her team works together toward effective brand journalism.

Capturing broad product and service offerings in a unified brand

When you offer a broad range of products ands services, both tangible and intangible, a compelling, unified brand is the key to tying them all together. Rob Camper, Strategic Brand Director at Cadence Bank, talks about how they sell all their offerings with a single, purposeful brand – revolutionizing the banking experience.

Branding messages for business diversification must have internal buy-in

Rebranding as you diversify your business can be chaotic. By getting internal buy-in with branding messages, you make sure your brand still comes truthfully out of your culture. Brooke Mathes Yep, vice president of corporate marketing at NCI Building Systems, talks about their rebranding efforts as they expanded their offerings.

Creative brand strategy when there’s no money

In a down economy, creating a brand that treats clients like partners is even more important, but it requires more creativity. Brooke Mathes-Yep, vice president of corporate marketing for NCI Building Systems, talks to Savage’s Robin Tooms about NCI’s strategy for succeeding in a hard-hit industry.