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Engage employees to advance business transformation and change communications

From ESG to leadership transitions, today’s corporations must undergo change communications often to remain competitive and relevant. Beyond developing and communicating important messaging to key stakeholders, these business transformations often require behavioral shifts that those in the organization must understand and align to. Strategic communication in itself won’t ensure adoption or the right behaviors. These efforts need to be “activated” within a culture to drive change.

We’ve helped numerous organizations run major, transformation campaigns that require understanding, buy-in, and engagement to be successful. Through our purpose- and values-driven model, we can simplify these complex efforts for all stakeholders to understand and support. From internal to investor communications and experiences, our creative and interactive solutions create clarity, shift mindsets, and inspire action.

Change initiatives we can support

  • Safety & Quality
  • Performance Management
  • Diversity and Inclusion (D&I)
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Change and transformation services include

Our comprehensive change communications and activation strategies empower the companies we work with to

Communicate to all audiences across all touchpoints

Realize their change efforts in less time with more buy-in

Develop deeper relationships with all stakeholders

Case Studies

Purpose- and values-driven internal campaigns can engage all stakeholders and drive the change you seek to make in your organization. See how we’ve conducted this work for past clients in the case studies below.

Internal "I am impressed by the new philosophy, message, and website for our Impact Quality initiative.
These items are communicating our quality mindset and really challenging a lot of peoples' thinking
about the old way of doing things. This is definitely the way forward for FMC.
As our president says, 'It's not easy changing - but we must and we will.'"
Testimonial Alistair Mackenzie, Senior Project Quality Engineer and
SAP Quality Supervisor, FMC Technologies – Scotland

We can help you harness the power of internal momentum within your organization. Use the form below so we can discuss how.