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Take an integrated approach to ESG communication and activation

Align, Activate and Report on Sustainability Efforts

Companies are making great strides and strong commitments to environmental, social and corporate governance matters that impact their business, their industry and the world. The ability for a company to meet its commitments requires the integration of a sustainability message the company’s values, culture and ultimately its brand. The alignment of purpose, communications and experience, both internally and externally, builds credibility and key stakeholders and is critical in in any company’s transformation.

A Purpose Driven Approach

  • Engages and builds excitement for employees
  • Drives ESG efforts further, faster
  • Creates value and differentiates your company
  • Creates deeper and more credible relationships with external stakeholders
  • Aligns ESG reporting with the company’s core brand
  • Makes a sustainable impact on the company and the world

Sample Sustainability Reports

For over 20 years Savage has worked with a diverse set of companies to tell their sustainability stories, including sustainability reports.

Cover of Callon ESG Report

Callon Petroleum

Providing affordable and reliable energy

Cover of Camden ESG Report

Camden Property Trust

Committed to cultivating a more expansive and inclusive community

Cover of Civeo ESG Report


Helping people maintain healthy, productive, and connected lives while living and working away from home

Cover of Quantum ESG Report

Quantum Capital Group

Advancing today’s energy ecosystem for tomorrow’s sustainable world

Cover of Targa ESG Report

Targa Resources

Helping to meet the world’s growing demand for less carbon-intensive, reliable, and affordable fuel and feedstocks

Cover of Vital Energy ESG Report

Vital Energy

We exist to energize human potential.

What We Offer

We support our clients with sustainability communication and activation efforts with an integrated and holistic approach. We connect an organization’s purpose and values to its sustainability narrative so that it is authentic to the company. We help companies activate those efforts within their cultures and operations so that material environmental, social and governance matters become embedded in the organizations’ DNA and belief system. And, we provide compelling, modern and fresh design for print and digital sustainability reports to showcase hard-earned results and build up brand reputations based on measured impact.



Sustainability and anything a company invests in related to ESG must be connected to the company’s purpose and values to succeed and be authentic. Through our Foundational Statement Discovery workshops, we work with leadership teams in an interactive setting to devise “foundational truths” from which to create compelling stories, make strategic decisions and measure impact. These core organizational principles include a purpose, which is supported by mission, vision, values and behaviors statements. Aligning ESG efforts to a purpose and values helps you to mobilize internal support, to gain the credibility, reputation, and differentiation you seek, and to build trust with all those counting on you to make a change.



We help you build consensus, buy-in and engagement among key stakeholders by effectively communicating your commitment to sustainability and helping lead internal change management communications from a purpose perspective. We like to think about “activating” sustainability within a culture, because while there are many traditional communications approaches (think of the proverbial values poster on the wall), communications in itself doesn’t ensure adoption or the right behaviors to make transformational initiatives successful. We provide strategic communications planning and execution to successfully guide cultural transformations as they relate to material ESG issues (i.e. core values embodiment, safety, diversity & inclusion, human capital management, etc.).



Developing a sustainability report is not for the faint of heart. It requires internal cohesion, an understanding of disclosure standards, material relevance of ESG issues to the business and clear objectives about what the report needs to achieve. Savage helps you effectively communicate a company’s story and its ability to create value and mitigate risk through and abiding commitment to sustainability. We employ strategic design and infographics to elevate key messages and data and use informational design techniques to ensure that your report is easy to read and navigate. We work with companies that are just getting started and those that are ready to leverage design to take their reports to the next level.

Why Savage

  • We have 50+ years experience creating internationally recognized and award-winning annual reports, sustainability reports and corporate communications for public companies. We also have an extensive track record working with C-suite, sustainability, investor relations, QHSE, corporate communications, ESG consultants and legal departments on messaging, shareholder letters and sustainability narratives.
  • Five of our Savages have their ESG Certifications through the Energy Workforce & Technology Council (EWTC).
  • We have deep alliances with ESG consultants, strategists and writers to help companies develop their ESG frameworks, determine materiality and craft their approach to critical efforts, measurement and communications.
  • Our CEO currently serves on the advisory board of the Center for ESG & Sustainability (CESG) as well as the ESG steering committee for the Energy Workforce & Technology Council (EWTC).
  • Our work acknowledges the importance of stakeholder interdependence within your company. We help our clients address multi-stakeholder needs and accessibility with our recommendations and design approach.
  • We are a purpose- and values-oriented firm, both in how we manage our company and in how we guide our clients’ work. It is clear that all ESG efforts must connect to purpose to be considered authentic. We can support companies in formulating purpose statements and aligning brands and communications to this “why.”

ESG "Integrating the annual reporting of performance and business strategy in a way that demonstrates this
link between doing good and doing well is a natural step in corporate accountability. The response to
our integrated report was especially strong from employees, both in terms of the numbers
reviewing the online report as well as feedback. This group remains a focal point for awareness
of the integrated report in our communication plans."
ESG VP of Integrated Communications

Current & Past Clients

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CenterPoint Energy
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Guaranty Bank & Trust
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Savage Brands is HUB-, WBE- and ESG-certified.

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