Communications Can Be A Powerful Defense Against Data Breaches

When it comes to cybersecurity, posters and policy changes are the norm. But these alone can’t guard against, or change careless behaviors.

In order to change behaviors, companies have to first build belief among employees that security is a critical priority – personally and for the company – and that they can and should do something about it.

Communicating the “why” behind the importance of behavioral change is paramount to bridging the steps between creating awareness and encouraging advocacy of policies. Demonstrating the positive impact those changes can have on an individual, team and company can make the difference between secure data and costly breaches.

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The process of generating awareness, belief, and ultimately advocacy, looks like this:

Awareness: I am aware that company policies exist.

Understanding: I understand what the policies mean, for me, my team, my company, my industry, and quite possibly the entire country.

Connection: These policies make sense to me and should be part of my daily life.

Belief: I see how I play a role in protecting the company’s information and assets.

Engagement: I want to do my part and will follow all policies and procedures.

Loyalty: I really care and have a stake in protecting the company.

Advocacy: I believe these security policies and procedures are so important, I will encourage my peers and colleagues to follow my lead.

Bethany Andell, President, Savage Brands, is a member of InfraGard Houston.

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