Improve Safety and Quality Performance by Driving Belief for the Right Behaviors

Does your company need to improve its safety or quality performance? Or is there a need to focus on an important corporate transformation initiative?

You can’t accomplish critical goals without the full support of your employees. When the culture engages employees, they believe and live the values with behaviors that support the company’s goals.


Want to see an example where a company improved safety by aligning behaviors with core values?


How do you communicate a shift in mindset that goes beyond a single initiative and encompasses an entire company? Steve Ward, Director of HSE at FMC Technologies, shares how the company launched Destination Zero, the highly successful safety brand. Watch the video below.


Or, do you need to know how to engage internal ambassadors to help with a safety or quality initiative? Start with finding your influencers.


How many ways can you leverage the most influential people at your company? Jeppe Hansgaard, Partner at Innovisor, shares how knowing who the influencers are among your employees can help you establish brand and culture. Watch the video below.

Improving performance isn’t just an operational problem, it’s a culture problem too. When employees truly understand and internalize the importance of safety and quality to the company’s core purpose, it changes their thinking and ultimately their behaviors.

The end result? A more engaged workforce that is living your company values – ultimately delivering the performance that helps you exceed your company goals.

Savage can help you build an engaged workforce and strong culture.

Our services to build a culture that supports your initiative include:

Discovering your corporate purpose
Internal communications strategy & development
Identifying key influencers among employees
Internal brand program design & deployment