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Marketing ROI Assessment – Marketing Health Check

Marketing ROI Assessment – Marketing Health Check

How do you successfully nurture customer relationships and find new growth opportunities in today’s challenging environment?

If your marketing strategy relied on trade shows and face-to-face meetings, your sales and marketing teams may be challenged on where to go from here.

It’s possible to reduce your overall spend without sacrificing the results your business needs. You just need to focus on what works and find innovative ways to connect. Take the opportunity to reinvent your marketing strategy and operations, to reimagine what’s possible in relationship-building, to connect with new and existing customers in the virtual world, and make sure it all aligns with your business strategy for 2021.

Let’s talk about how our Marketing Health Checks can help you uncover what opportunities there are to rethink your marketing strategy.

We’d love to get to the heart of your business, meet your goals and help you deliver on your purpose.

Over almost five decades of turbulent economic times, technological disruption and rapid innovation, Savage has helped companies create their brands, align their cultures, and attract right-fit customers. Our marketing strategies drive transformational business results by integrating best practices, focusing on relationship-building, and enhancing and aligning the customer experience. We deliver objective advice whether you engage us just for initial strategy or for long-term execution.

Objectively Assess Your Marketing Effectiveness with a Savage Marketing Health Check

Are you sure your marketing efforts are driving ROI? They may have worked at the beginning of 2020, but now it’s anyone’s guess. Reduced marketing budgets are a reality for many organizations. But instead of slashing your marketing budget across the board, do you understand what is working for you and what isn’t? Is your overall marketing strategy aligned with your new business strategy?

A Marketing Health Check Assessment quickly and objectively illuminates opportunities for you to refine or redesign your marketing strategy and optimize your efforts by determining where to direct your focus to meet your goals. These assessments can expand or contract to review any of the following aspects of your marketing efforts.


Marketing Strategy

Review your business objectives, plans, and budgets, with an eye toward digital transformation and marketing strategy. The end result is a modified marketing strategy and plan, recommended tactics, a roadmap for implementation, and recommendations to measure your ROI.


Marketing Activities

Review your marketing strategy and plan, resources, deliverables, and digital and traditional efforts, to determine what activities to continue and what to refine or stop. You’ll receive a prioritized list of recommended initiatives, a roadmap for implementation, and recommendations to measure your ROI.


Digital Marketing

Apply best practices to your digital initiatives, maximize engagement with customers, and outrank the competition. Our audits encompass search engine optimization (SEO), content, search marketing (SEM), organic and paid social reach, reviews, maps, and more to assess your overall digital reach and reputation. Reports include insights aligned to your audiences and specific goals, and can support your internal team in creating strategies, implementing solutions, and identifying the KPIs that best evaluate the achievement of your goals.


Customer Experience

Do you have a clear vision of your current customer experience from the initial contact to the final delivery? Do your customers’ experiences match what you promise in your sales and marketing? We can help you understand your customer journey and identify opportunities to create unique, memorable experiences that deepen your relationships with customers.

ESG “Savage Brands possesses a deep understanding of our firm – our purpose, values and brand and
how they tie in to achieving our business goals. They regularly help us engage our target audience
through digital campaigns that convert. And, they helped us pivot during the
pandemic to continue to meet our clients’ needs and stay top of mind. Their team brings us creative
and strategic marketing strategies that have guided us to be more
tech-forward while generating results.”
ESG Chris Hanslik, Firm Chairman, BoyarMiller

When you understand where to place your focus and reallocate your marketing resources for 2021, you’ll be well-equipped to generate revenue while reducing excessive costs or unnecessary effort. Realize new ways to connect with customers, new and existing, and meet today’s challenging sales environment with a savvy and creative approach.