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Ariana Azimi

Ariana Azimi has the X-Factor — she’s extroverted, she’s an explorer and she’s energized to the extreme.

When she wakes up each morning, she literally says, “I’m ready world!” And ready she is, with a broad smile, a coffee stapled to her hand and a to-do list filled with opportunities to play her part in the ever-evolving theater of life.

In this theater, Ariana takes on the role of protectress. And she’s damn good at it. Whether a close friend, a CEO or a sibling faces a complex challenge with high stakes, Ariana shows up for them. She’s fiercely dedicated to her people and her passions and will stop at nothing to help anyone she’s connected to succeed.

And, as Director of Studio Operations at Savage, Ariana is also a guardian and safeguard. It’s her job to streamline and improve processes here in order to assure all client projects are delivered at the highest standard, within budget and in a timely manner. Her track record in this realm is proven. She has nearly 10 years of operational experience in the creative and media agency space, managing teams, finding efficiencies and assuring the quality of execution. Without her warrior’s stance and her keen glance, we’d surely miss out on opportunities to push our purpose forward.