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Focus On What Matters

Clarify Your Organization’s Foundation

We believe that in any effort we undertake, where we start has everything to do with where we end up. And at Savage, all work begins with uncovering and gaining alignment for an organization’s Foundational Statements: Purpose, Mission, Vision, Values and Behaviors. These statements clarify why an organization exists, how it does things differently, what kind of impact it makes, what principles it holds dear, and how each person within the organization must act every day. 

With A Purposeful Foundation It’s Possible To:

  • Give greater meaning and value to the work you and your team do
  • Attract and retain the best talent
  • Build enduring customer loyalty
  • Inspire employees to be and do their best
  • Simplify storytelling around a single compelling narrative 
  • Unify and energize leadership teams

Foundational Statements


Why we exist


How we deliver on our Purpose


How the world looks different as a result


The characteristics we must embody to fulfill our purpose


How we must act to bring our values to life for others

We’re Talking About More Than “Mission, Vision and Values”

Most organizations have Mission, Vision, and Values statements. We’ve found these statements are often bland, generic, and perplexing. They lack the vitality and unique identity of the organizations we encounter. They sound just like everybody else in the industry. And they rarely influence the decisions leadership teams make.

We’ve added to the traditional “Mission, Vision, Values” statements, refined their meaning, and created a whole and complete way for an organization to understand itself. By adding “Purpose” and “Behaviors,” we root Foundational Statements in a greater “why” and also add specificity to our values by defining how we expect employees to act in support of them. 

The Focus Process

We use our Focus Process to support leadership teams in uncovering and articulating their foundational statements. This process is a series of interactive sessions that take your leadership team deep into what you stand for as an organization. We’ll utilize exercises and discussions to align your leadership team around who you are as an organization, what you stand for, and where you are headed. We then take these beliefs and stories and formulate them into your Foundational Statements.

How it Works

1. Say “Go,” with Savage.
2. Have deeper conversations about your organization than you’ve ever had before.
3. Receive your Foundational Statements.
4. Guide your organization with clarity.

Ready to redefine what’s at the core of your organization?


“Far from being just another strategic planning session, we were asked to dig deep into ourselves to search out our organization’s reason for existence; we were challenged to look in a new way at the work we do every day and the power we have to make a difference in the lives of others.”


Andrew Davis, Dean, College of the Arts, University of Houston

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