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The core challenge for our client, Champion Fiberglass®, an electrical conduit manufacturer, was competing effectively in a landscape influenced by generative AI and evolving data privacy regulations in marketing. Seeking to leverage AI to enhance digital advertising performance, the team engaged in a 3-month pilot program with Electrical Construction & Maintenance (EC&M), a reputable trade publication within the electrical construction and maintenance sphere. The program was called and it used an AI/machine learning tool that delivers personalized content recommendations to the user based on their preferences.

The primary objectives were to increase form submissions and drive qualified traffic to the client’s recently relaunched website. EC&M readers engaged extensively with Champion Fiberglass’ website, showcasing high levels of interaction with various resources and tools offered, such as guides, blogs and product comparison charts. The success of not only helped Champion Fiberglass adapt to the evolving AI marketing landscape but also secured their competitive advantage by locking out potential competitors with a renewed campaign extension.


Launching the campaign was based on the premise that AI-driven personalization will increasingly be a key differentiator and that creative decisions will carry even more weight as the targeting power of cookies goes away. The strategy was built upon the already proven approach of advertising on trade publications like EC&M.

Adding’s advanced targeting and AI-driven innovation significantly amplified this foundational strategy. To determine which assets to promote on EC&M, the team referred to website performance data on GA4, social media insights on LinkedIn, and advertising results on other trade pubs, Google Ads and LinkedIn Ads.

AMA Crystal Awards
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  • 550+ form submissions in 2023, each representing a qualified lead.
  • EC&M readers also viewed 48K+ pages, downloaded 526+ PDFs, and used conduit calculators 300+ times. 
  • Total of 451,073 impressions and garnered 37,424 clicks, with over 500 leads generated.
  • Average monthly clicks stood at 4,678, significantly surpassing the industry benchmark range of 700-1000 clicks.
  • Email metrics: Average open rate of 56.8%, with an average of 3,086 total clicks and a click-to-open rate of 9.16%, outperforming the industry benchmark of 40%.

“I value the expertise and partnership that the Savage team brings to our marketing efforts. Their team is composed of experts in all areas of marketing especially in digital strategies, content development and media buying. They go the extra mile in learning about our customers and have an intimate understanding of our business.

With their integrated, result-oriented campaigns, our company has achieved 50%+ growth for each of the last 2 years. The Savage Marketing team is knowledgeable, responsive, and truly cares about helping their clients succeed – Savage has transformed into more of a partner than our marketing arm. We highly recommend Savage Brands to anyone looking to take their marketing and business to the next level.”

Goran Haag
President and Founder of Champion Fiberglass

Headquartered in Spring, Texas, Champion Fiberglass® Inc. is the leading supplier of fiberglass conduit and strut to the industrial, electrical, and mechanical markets.