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Sustainability Report Design Basics for Executives

Good sustainability report design is a challenging endeavor, often plagued by tight deadlines, limited resources and a need for specialized knowledge. At Savage Brands, we understand these challenges and offer a strategic solution to make your ESG reporting more effective and engaging.

What do the best sustainability reports have in common?

While design is often viewed as merely aesthetic, it plays a crucial role in enhancing readability, engagement and retention of information. By leveraging advanced design techniques such as data visualization, intuitive infographics and iconography and strategic use of typography and color, you can make complex sustainability data easier to understand and more compelling to your audience.

Our comprehensive e-book, “Versatile Sustainability Report Design Principles,” outlines essential design principles and best practices to enhance your sustainability reporting. This resource provides actionable insights to help you create reports that are not only visually differentiated but also highly effective in communicating your sustainability efforts.

Download the sustainability report design ebook and:

  • Understand the strategic benefits of different formats like PDFs, web microsites and printed reports to meet diverse stakeholder needs.
  • Learn how to declutter your narratives and present information that resonates with all stakeholders through data visualization and use of white space.
  • Discover how to use infographics, thematic photography and custom iconography to illustrate complex data that engages.

Ready to Optimize Your ESG Reporting?

Ensure clarity, engagement and a stronger connection with your audience. Download our free e-book today for the tools and insights necessary to transform your sustainability reporting design and make a lasting impact.

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