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Better Understand Consciousness

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A few weeks ago I got to attend my first Conscious Capitalism Conference in Philadelphia, PA. As a designer and an introvert, I wasn’t sure how much I would get out of it personally, but I was so excited for the opportunity to promote the Savage way and support fellow Savages.

After almost three days of networking with like-minded purposeful people, listening to inspiring leaders’ keynote presentations, interacting in emotionally-intense practicums, not to mention playing in a ball pit, I walked away both exhausted and inspired. When reflecting on content that I benefited most from, I realized that I was drawn to the practicums around self-awareness. I learned that I am a leader in in many situations because I do have a major impact on people and on the world. I understand more about how my brain functions and how I am “pre-wired” to be reactionary and to use “fight or flight.” I learned that, through practice, I can begin to process things in a healthy and non-triggered, non-reactive way as well as be an active listener to other.

I am already trying to practice things that I have learned in all of my interactions and relationships. Specifically, when I am in a stressful situation, I can recognize the impact it has on me and filter it by focusing on what really matters in this specific situation and for everyone involved. Through that I can ask better questions, or allow myself to really listen to others needs. Ultimately, I am able to be more open, more curious and to learn more.

What I initially characterized as “a little hippy” because of the emphasis on both mindfulness as well as being aware of how your actions impact others and the world, I came to better understand as being more conscious. One of the biggest takeaways for me was my new power phrase, “lead with love.”

I walked away from every speaker and facilitator with some piece of knowledge, but these are the three specific to self-awareness:

“Mindfulness gives you the power to notice and choose how stress impacts you. Everyone can effect how you handle stress or YOU can notice and choose how to filter that and feel through mindfulness.”
– Dr. Daniel Friedland, MD

“Your thoughts create your reality. Therein lies the power to change your world.”
– Mark Youngblood

“Being conscious means having and growing and deepening self-awareness, being aware of the impact that you have on others and being here in a non-reactive, non-triggered way.”
– David O’Hara

Avatar photoAshley is a Design Director creating unique visual solutions for identities, print collateral, and with a special emphasis on websites. Ashley has applied her talents to projects for companies like Sysco Corporation, Quanex Building Products, HTS and Albemarle. Ashley received her BA in Mass Communication Advertising Sequence from Texas State University and is an active member of AIGA Houston.