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Creative businesses love Process: Who knew?

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For companies in transformation due to rapid growth, strategic transition or M&A activities or those in need of revitalization due to poor employee engagement or lackluster business performance, having a solid business ‘operating system’ in place will likely make the difference between success or failure — enjoying a return on investment or realizing sunk costs — on the work that must be done to reach a vision.

Perhaps it was serendipity that our company adopted the EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System®) methodology before we began to metamorphize our own business. Having awareness and agreement on our purpose and core values along with the EOS tools provided the structure and confidence our leadership team needed to effectively move forward.

As a branding firm, we’ve set our sights high. We want to revolutionize corporate America. And by deep-diving into our clients’ purpose, values and behaviors, we believe we can get there…one brand at a time.

Working from the inside out, the roadmap we develop lights the way for our clients to be stronger, authentic, more resilient and sustainable… It is not a magic pill. It takes true leadership, ongoing support and time to manifest real change. And we’ve learned that when clients don’t have an operating system in place, they may not optimize their return on our engagement.

Symptoms of poor business operating system:

  • teams lack trust so they move slowly
  • staff and management turnover
  • “accountability” becomes an invitation for the blame game
  • process confusion
  • animated-yet-whispered water-cooler talk is ever-present
  • priorities keep shifting.

EOS tools focus on establishing accountabilities, codifying basic processes, knowing and watching your key data, having the right people in right seats, effective issue processing and required regular meetings that often are the most productive and engaging of the week.

These tools help elevate leaders out of always working ‘in’ the business to working ‘on’ the business — creating space for them to bring out the best in their companies and teams.

Looking forward to meeting and learning from fellow practitioners at the EOS Conference in Minneapolis this week.

Brandy BeverlyBrandy is a study in balance – an accountant who’s been known to drag clients out onto the dance floor for some salsa, and a process-focused organizer who wields a mean paintbrush in her free time.

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