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“Good on Purpose” Showcases the Power of Design for Social Impact

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A collection of our strategic design work will be exhibited at the prestigious Pratt Institute’s Graduate Communications Design Gallery to demonstrate how design can drive change.

A collection of our strategic design work will be exhibited at the prestigious NY Pratt Graduate Communication Design Gallery to demonstrate how design can drive change.

Creative work developed by Savage is based on the firm’s belief in purpose-driven communications that reflect the guiding principle of a company or organization to make a memorable distinction and have a positive impact on achievement of its goals. The exhibition is titled “Good on Purpose” and its goal is to tap into the emotions of others to fuel projects that impact social change.

Among the work exhibited will be projects developed through Savage Good, the firm’s initiative to provide strategic creative services to local non-profit organizations on a pro bono basis. Four featured projects were supported by a grant program called “Ideas That Matter” by Sappi Fine Paper to the power of designing for social impact. Savage Good is the recipient of four national Sappi grants, a significant and unique accomplishment.

“Design can be used in a way that does good and benefits all of us,” said Doug Hebert, principal at Savage. “The collection on display is strategic, purposeful and representative of how good design with purpose can make a difference. We hope our exhibit will inspire students and other designers to recognize the impact design can have on our community and use their talents to affect change.”



Hebert has used his own emotional life experiences to create communication pieces that address serious issues – all with the hope of helping others. Among those projects on display at Pratt is a powerful handbook to help parents of premature infants understand complex medical terms as they face a highly emotional situation. Another is a series of booklets designed for families of pancreatic cancer patients. It distills highly technical information into a high-design format that is understandable.

The display allows the viewer to be immersed in the environment the design addresses and tells stories about the purpose of the project and change it is affecting.

The Graduate Communication Design Gallery is located at 114 West 14th Street on the seventh floor in New York City and entrance is open to public. For more information, visit


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