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Bottom Line Social Media Metrics for the C-Suite

Two cups of coffee, a few clicks of the mouse and BAM! – analytics that’ll blow your boss’ socks off, complete with context, emphasis and emotion displayed so you don’t have to add, “you had to be there” to the end of your marketing report.
Ah, yes. If only it was that easy.

“How to Love Every Monday” at the HR Houston Gulf Coast Symposium on HR Issues

Inspired people engaged to work together towards a common purpose. That’s what you’ll get at the 2017 HR Houston Gulf Coast Symposium, Savage will be on hand to help you “Stand Out” with our hosted Unique Session. These interactive sessions offer the opportunity to personally participate and walk alway with greater learnings.

Join Savage at Conscious Capitalism 2017 – “Pitfalls on the Path to Purpose” Presentation

Conscious Capitalism 2017 is designed to deepen your practical application of the principles of Conscious Capitalism with high potency keynotes, new content for teams, multiple tracks of hands on practicums and rich opportunities to connect with and learn from peers.

Build a brand, and not just a logo, by getting the C-suite involved

Your executive team is a key stakeholder group in any rebrand process. The key here is to include them and to follow a strategic process. Why? Because you can’t solve big brand fragmentation challenges just by having a team work on the tactics – a new logo, or a new website. Robin Tooms interviews Chris Levy, Global Marketing Director at Quest Integrity, for ways to keep this process on track.

Tips on how to plan and monitor your digital media placements to protect your advertising budget

Budgets are tight, so wouldn’t you want to make sure your ad dollars are hitting your intended audience? Myles Rose, Digital Marketing Operations Manager for Gulf States Toyota shares some digital marketing tips to keep your ad buys safe and secure.