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Set your brand apart.

In a crowded marketplace, it’s more difficult than ever to distinguish one organization’s products and services from another’s. Thus, the way in which we share stories, leverage design and create experiences plays an important role in differentiating an organization from its competitors. And today, people are looking for more than an organization that looks or sounds nice. They want to support a company that aligns with what’s in their hearts and on their minds.

The brands that do this best are rooted in purpose and values. We tailor our time-tested approach to help each of our clients establish and build their brands in this way. The work centers around uncovering core beliefs, first, then creating brand stories, evolving experiences and crafting design expressions to match those foundational intentions.

We’re all about taking a tangible product or service and giving it a new layer of meaning and significance by tying it to deep, purposeful roots. The output is a whole new level of brand value that engages, activates and coalesces all stakeholders.

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Branding services include

Brand Foundation and Reputation Health Check

Uncover key insights about the landscape you operate within and your reputation with customers to inform priorities for reshaping your brand in a way that resonates.

Foundational Statement Discovery

Uncover and align leadership around the core truths of your organization that guide and shape all communications and experiences.

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Brand Identity

Craft a look, feel and story that convey all you are bringing to bear. Whether it is a name, logo or expansive visual expression, our goal is to communicate who you are in a way that connects with others and sets you apart.

Brand Implementation

Bring your brand identity to life across multiple channels. Apply your story and creative expression to digital, print or environmental formats to ensure cohesive communications at every touchpoint.

Brand Launch

Develop a plan that ensures those inside and outside your company understand and connect with your new brand.

Brand Activation

Create a vision and a plan to engage employees in support of your new brand foundation so they can deliver experiences for customers that match your intentions.

Companies that have purpose- and values-driven brands

Differentiate in an increasingly commoditized world

Outperform the market

Attract and retain right-fit, loyal employees, customers, suppliers and investors

Deliver unique experiences that build loyalty

Case Study

For over 47 years, we’ve been working with companies to reinvigorate their corporate brands. Below, find a case study for our work with EDF to learn about our purpose- and values-driven process and how it enhanced its branding efforts.

Savage “Savage has done a great job of pulling out of us who we are and what type of company
we want to be and helping us find the roadmap to being that company. I think all the work they
have done for us is world class, and it consistently amazes me at what I get
to put in front of people these days compared to what we had.”
Matt Reese, APP Testimonial

If you’re ready to build your brand on something more individualized and longer-lasting, let’s talk about how our process may benefit you and your organization.