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Bethany Andell featured on “The Modern Leadership” Podcast


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Listen to Bethany's conversation on conscious leadership and building a culture on purpose on the The Modern Leadership podcast.

ML83 – Get Your Head Out of Your Bottom Line with Bethany Andell

Top Takeaways: Get Your Head Out of Your Bottom Line with Bethany Andell

  • An adventurous foodie
  • Where do you go if your company wasn’t founded on purpose?
  • What do you do when your purpose gets lost in a changing culture?
  • Be committed, with intentionality to your value set
  • Be intentional about who you bring on to your team
  • Is your purpose a poster on the wall or the NorthStar of your company?
  • Culture does impact the bottom-line. Consider the cost of replacing a lost employee
  • Business school will be shifting to more of a purpose foundation approach
  • Profit is important, but it is the outcome, not the lead
  • Is profit a pushing indicator or a pulling indicator?
  • Savage thinking- start with clarity on your purpose and develop a plan to execute
  • Savage thinking creates efficiencies
  • To build a great business- you must do a lot of boring things well

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Avatar photoAs President at Savage Brands, Bethany is known for forging powerful connections – connecting people to people and connecting companies with the fresh ideas that make their brands purposeful. In her recent book, "Get Your Head Out of Your Bottom Line and Build Your Brand on Purpose," Bethany conveys to business leaders the importance of leading with purpose.