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Bethany Andell & Jackie Dryden on “Leading with Purpose” Part 3

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Savage Brands’ President, Bethany Andell and Chief Purpose Architect, Jackie Dryden were recently interviewed by PKF Texas for their series, “The Entrepreneur’s Playbook®” in a series of conversations on Using Savage Thinking to Lead with Purpose.

In the third video of the series, host Karen Love speaks with Jackie Dryden on why corporations today should focus more on their company’s true purpose; not just their bottom line.

Karen: This is the PKF Texas Entrepreneur‰Ûªs Playbook and I‰’m Karen Love, Host and Founder. I‰’m here with Jackie Dryden, Chief Purpose Architect of Savage Brands; welcome to the Playbook Jackie.

Jackie: Thank you very much.

Karen: And what in the world does that title mean? That is a real unique one.

Jackie: Well obviously it’s unique because we made it up and Chief just sounds good; who doesn‰’t want to be Chief? And we added that in front of Purpose Architect because I am passionate about helping companies understand their why and their what for– why they exist beyond making profits ‰- and then the architecture part is helping them actually get there; helping build that kind of a company.

Karen: This sounds familiar because I had interviewed Bethany Andell, I guess who you co-authored the book with. And the book was Savage Thinking but it is called Get Your Head Out of Your Bottom Line and Build your Brand on Purpose and so that fits in with all of this, correct?

Jackie: It definitely does.

Karen: Wonderful.

Jackie: And there are times that people are wondering “so what is a good time to look for your purpose,” because some companies start with purpose and others are in a continuum and it‰’s like when is it a good time to go searching for purpose? And it usually happens when an executive or CEO ‰- head of a company ‰- is looking for something with more meaning.

Karen: Okay.

Jackie: Wanting to leave a legacy and build something lasting that they can rally employees around.

Karen: So he is connecting, or she is connecting, with the purpose that they‰’re looking for?

Jackie: Yes. I mean people don‰Ûªt rush into the office on Monday morning and say “yay, how do I add shareholder value to my company?” They‰’re interested in something of greater value that they can believe in and attach to, so when a leader realizes that that will be a great direction for their company, it also happens when companies are in Mergers and Acquisitions, new leadership comes in or perhaps a company is just going through a different kind of phase ‰- they‰’re changing from one type of company to another.

Karen: Right, because that‰’s one of the biggest‰!

Jackie: That triggers it.

Karen: Exactly, to say the least. I would like to talk to you a little more about this because this is an intriguing topic. I hope you‰’ll come back.

Jackie: Wonderful, I‰’d love to share.

Karen: Thank you.

Jackie: Thank you Karen.

Karen: This has been another Thought Leader production brought to you by the PKF Texas Entrepreneur‰’s Playbook.


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