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Network Security is Key: What Heartbleed Taught Businesses

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The discovery of Heartbleed, an open-source OpenSSL bug that exploited missing code allowing for the exposure of data and server’s private master key, was a turning point for network security. Although detected quickly, it still was a security breach of epic proportions, and some have called it one of the worst vulnerability issues since commercial traffic began to flow on the Internet.

Thanks to public awareness and the immediate response by Internet users to change passwords, hopefully the security breach was minimal. But as a business, this was a heads up that network security is one of the most important parts of the office. Network security attacks can come in all forms, and it has been provenåÊthat small to mid-size businesses are more likely to be targeted by hackers, as they tend to not have the proper measures in place.


So what should your business be doing to keep itself safe?

In today‰Ûªs business world we use a combination of mechanisms to create intranets that are connected to the Internet, but also immune from exposure. By utilizing the following, you can protect not only your data but your hardware assets as well:


Your first line of defense: A firewall

A firewall is a typical border control mechanism to block traffic from the outside, but it can also be used to block traffic inside as well. Preventing unauthorized traffic in your private network will keep your data and your users safe.


Intrusion Detection Systems

Businesses with data servers can also use an IDS (Intrusion Detection System), which can be hardware or software. It has one purpose ‰ÛÒ detecting an attack on your network. Some IDS systems can even help by blocking the attack as they alert you to the intrusion.


Anti-malware software

Viruses, worms and Trojan horses can all be detected and removed by using anti-malware and scanner software on users‰Ûª machines. By having these in place, you protect your entire network from becoming vulnerable due to one user.


Most important: Employee training

Because it is possible for any one employee to make the whole company more vulnerable, employee training is the most important thing you can do to protect your network. By setting standards and providing guidelines for your staff, you protect customer information and vital data. Basic security practices and policies, such as strong passwords and appropriate Internet usage, create a fundamental structure to your security protocol.


Network security is such an important arena, and with every new bug found, it gathers more attention. Businesses that stay on top of the latest trends in security for the intranet and Internet will be able to make sound decisions for keeping their data safe and their businesses thriving.

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