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Savage President Honored with 2018 Rice University Business Alumni Award

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Bethany Andell Receives Industry Excellence Award in Consulting

Recognized for outstanding professional achievements and exemplary leadership, Savage Brands President Bethany Andell is the recipient of the 2018 Rice University Business Alumni Award – Industry Excellence Award in Consulting.

Our Savage family is so very proud of Bethany for this well-deserved honor!

Established by the Jones Graduate School Alumni Association, the Rice Business Alumni Awards annually recognize alumni in four industry categories. The awards honor individuals who are a model of leadership and demonstrate dedicated service to the community.

“I am truly humbled to receive such a distinguished award,” said Bethany, a graduate of Rice University’s Full-Time Master’s of Business Administration (MBA) degree program, class of 2001.  ““My experience at Rice was formative in becoming the leader I am today. As an alumna, the school and its alumni network continue to support me in my journey to restore trust in capitalism and build brands that stand for something meaningful.”

Savage Brands is a founding member of the Houston chapter of Conscious Capitalism International, and has been a driving force in spreading awareness of its principles.

Raj Sisodia, co-founder of the international Conscious Capitalism movement, provided a support letter for Bethany to be recognized for her outstanding leadership. Raj is also FW Olin Distinguished Professor of Global Business and Whole Foods Market Research Scholar in Conscious Capitalism at Babson College.

“I have known Bethany for several years as one of the most engaged, creative and dynamic leaders of Conscious Capitalism,” said Raj. “Bethany is not only a proponent, practitioner and exemplar of Conscious Capitalism, she is also a teacher and thought leader in this rapidly growing global movement. Her book ‘Get Your Head Out of Your Bottom Line’ is a deeply practical and useful guide to building purposeful brands.”

Another endorsement of Bethany’s leadership ability is from Fredricka Brecht, chair of Vistage—an organization for CEOs, business owners and executives.

“Bethany is an exceptional intellect who has brought purpose, innovation and a systematic execution into the world of marketing,” said Fredricka. “As a CEO and employer, her contribution to our community is leveraged many times over as Savage counsels clients.”

Darcie Durham, senior director of national strategy and engagement for The Boeing Company, supported Bethany’s nomination citing her leadership in entrepreneurship and marketing consulting for businesses.

“Bethany is one of the most talented leaders I know and uses her success to support her team and community. Whether giving back professionally or personally, Bethany is the kind of leader who will change the world and leave her mark wherever she goes – and we will be the better for it,” said Darcie.

The Rice University Business Alumni Award ceremony and dinner is Friday, September 7, at Cohen House on the Rice University campus.

About the Rice University Business Alumni Awards
Recipients of these awards embody our four pillars of alumni engagement: community, philanthropy, volunteering and life-long learning. This means that when reviewing nominations, the Rice Business Alumni Awards Nominations Committee will take into special consideration those alumni who exemplify and consistently engage in supporting their communities through networking, philanthropy, volunteering and a demonstrated passion for learning.

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