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Savage President To Speak at NIRI Southwest Conference

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Bethany Andell On Corporate Culture as the Driving Force to Success Panel

Culture is an evolutionary process, not a timeline or a checklist. It is the invisible power in your workforce, the compelling persuader that helps you stay true to your purpose. It is built upon the set of shared values that make you who you are. It is why you love where you work. It is how you convince others to love you too. Because if you don’t love where you work, why would investors want to?

Bethany Andell, President of Savage Brands, Past President of the NIRI Houston Chapter and current board member will be speaking on a panel at the NIRI Southwest Regional Conference Thursday, August 22, 2019, Corporate Culture as the Driving Force to Success.

Joining her on the panel will be Castlen Kennedy, Vice President, Corporate Communications and Public Affairs, Apache Corporation, and Peggy Jansen, CPA, Investor Relations Manager, Southwest Airlines.

About the NIRI Southwest Regional Conference

IR teams are amateur sleuths when it comes to tracking elusive financial data and finding clues to craft the perfect messaging. Sherlock was known for his proficiency and observational skills. Sound familiar? IR professionals must integrate finance, strategic communications and securities law compliance, and all accomplished while juggling tight deadlines.

We invite you to join us in Austin for the NIRI Annual Southwest Regional Conference where we will spend two days collaborating with IROs in your area, sharing best practices, being inspired by Thought Leaders throughout the US and re-invigorating your IR efforts and IR program planning for 2020.


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