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An awareness campaign that grabs audience attention

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How can you generate brand awareness for a new company and new product? Brian Anderson, vice president of strategy and marketing at FlexSteel Pipeline Technologies shares their approach to making their name known.

Robin: Hello and welcome to this edition of Brandonomics, an inside look at top brands and their marketing strategies. I am Robin Tooms, vice president of strategy at Savage, and my guest again today is Brian Anderson, vice president of strategy and marketing at Flexsteel Pipeline Technologies. Brian, welcome back to Brandonomics.

Brian: Thanks, Robin, it’s a pleasure to be here.

Robin: So Brian, part of the brand awareness campaign around your spoolable pipe product was to create a series of ads, and they needed to stand out. So what was your strategy for making your ads stand out?

Brian: Flexsteel being a relatively new product and relatively new company, we had low brand awareness. So we wanted to create an ad campaign to really help reach out to the masses of those people who buy line pipe in that gas industry. Our goal when we were creating this was to really create something that was different, something that really can grab the attention of people who are flipping through trade magazines or on websites. And our goal was really to create something that was very relatable, simple and fun. I think we wanted to – I encouraged the team to not create something that was typical for the oil and gas industry, but something that was more leaning toward B2C rather than B2B. Something that was all around fun, exciting and not cramming all your messages into one ad, but trying to keep it simple with one message for one ad.

Robin: You’ve certainly achieved that. What about the media plan itself? How was your approach to that?

Brian: Our media plan was really centered around trying to understand what trade publications and websites, traditional people who use line pipe look at, and really reaching out and advertising in those publications. We also focused on some more specific markets that we as a company were targeting and really ran additional ads a little more frequently in those publications to try to increase our exposure there.

Robin: Well, thank you so much for sharing that background information on that. I think all of our audience will appreciate that. This has been another edition of Brandonomics, an inside look at top brands and their marketing strategies. Stay tuned next week.


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