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Use Your Culture to Attract and Retain Top Talent

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Leaders have a tough time attracting and retaining good talent today.

While we could share the reasons why this is happening, the more pertinent information is what to do about it. How can organizations appeal to top talent and keep them in the fold? By creating exceptional experiences for each person at work.

Today’s employee demands a new workplace dynamic. They want flexibility. They want their boundaries respected. They want to know they matter to the organization as people, not as units of production. They want to make a difference in the world.

It’s up to leadership to meet these demands; to create environments where employees want to work and where they can be and do their best. With a clear and compelling vision for employee experiences and a firm commitment to bringing that vision to life, employers can attract and retain the best talent. Here are three things to focus on to set your employee experience apart.

Galvanize your culture around purpose and values

A purpose gives employees a reason to show up to work; values show them the kind of person they can be, and the kind of people they’ll be around, when they do. When purpose and values are communicated and evidenced, your people feel like they belong to something greater. They will want to come to work because they believe in what they are there to accomplish and to be. This tangible enthusiasm will draw the right people to your company like a magnet and it will keep them involved and engaged throughout their tenure.

Set a cultural vision and experience expectations

To get clear on how your culture could be, ask yourself what you want for employees. Do you hope they are free to pursue their interests? Do you hope they stay well and healthy? Do you hope they can financially support their families and give back to causes they care about? When you’re clear on these desired outcomes, you can set to work delivering on them. People will feel drawn to your vision for their lives. They’ll be overjoyed that an organization is committed to their benefit and will want to stick with you for the long term.

Communicate and demonstrate your commitment to real change 

Employees want to know what you do to impact the world’s most pressing issues. Sustainability, diversity, safety and community engagement are all of interest. Potential employees want to see and hear about your actions, and current employees want to be part of the solutions. Commit to a plan to address societal issues within your organization and employees will flock to you, and stay on, to be part of the society-building efforts you initiate. 

Today’s workforce is not lazy, entitled, or unrealistic. There has simply been a shift away from the status quo of our working environments. The organizations that are willing to meet the needs of modern employees are the ones that will thrive. By creating an employee experience built around purpose and values, committed to positive personal outcomes and driven to solve societal problems, you can attract and retain top talent in this competitive marketplace.

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