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Corporate Purpose is No Longer Optional

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Forbes magazine recently published an article that confirmed what we at Savage preach to our clients: “People don’t come to work every day for just a paycheck, and customers aren’t indiscriminate shoppers anymore. They both want purpose, they want to believe, and they want to feel like they’re part of something large than themselves.” Purpose – it’s our favorite word at Savage.

Purpose is the true reason that a company exists. It is the foundation for everything a company believes and does. It’s what the company stands for ‰- it serves as the heartbeat and soul of a business.

A lot of companies are asking the same questions right now: How do we differentiate? How do we capture a larger share of the market? What areas of our business need to grow, and where do we need to cut back?

The answer to all of those questions really starts with purpose. Once you understand what non-monetary value your company provides, it‰’s easier to make the right business decisions, and it makes branding much more meaningful. After all, wouldn‰’t you prefer to work for and with a company that‰’s doing something you believe in?

For that reason, we recommend that before you start asking those other important questions, ask yourself this one: What difference is my company trying to make in the world?

Want to hear more about putting purpose in action? Stay tuned as we feature on our blog some of the companies who are leading their industries because of purpose, and talk about how they‰’re operating differently.

And of course, you can always talk to our resident Purposeologist, Jackie Dryden.

Avatar photoSavage Brands believes in unleashing the good inherent within all organizations. Business results are driven by connecting with people at the belief level. That’s why we align everything a company says and does with its Purpose through a proven process that links strategy and execution with “why.” We solve the challenges corporate America faces by building tribal loyalty from the inside out, focusing on people first to deliver authentic brand experiences. Savage builds purposeful brands, communications, leaders and cultures.


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