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Do you feel like half of your digital ad dollars are wasted? Not so when you advertise with insights.

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Why would a company want to spend money on something like a Data Management Platform (DMP)? (Hint: because working from insights means that your ad dollars are hitting the right people.) Robin Tooms talks DMP with Myles Rose, Digital Marketing Operations Manager for Gulf States Toyota to hear about one way companies counteract this challenge.

Robin: Hello and welcome to this edition of Brandonomics, an inside look at top brands and their marketing strategies. I am Robin Tooms, VP of strategy at Savage Brands, and my guest today is Myles Rose, Digital Marketing Operations Manager at Gulf States Toyota. I am very excited because we are talking about some incredibly interesting topics today. I think, most importantly, you’ve shared with us a little bit about DMP, or Data Management Platform, and I’m thinking this has got to be a huge uphill battle to sell this to your clients and dealers and how you help convince them that this is the route to go over, say, other traditional vehicles.

Myles: Absolutely. This is such a new technology, it’s hard to understand, but when you get the national office of Toyota, and you get the regional office, and then you get your dealers, and you’re able to evangelize to them, hey, we’re not going to be wasting money by advertising, by having all three of us bid on this one person. And all we’re doing is making Google, Facebook, everybody else more money because we keep bidding on the same people. So, what we like to say is we’re going to have swim lanes; “Ok, Mr. Dealer, someone has submitted a lead. At this point, it’s all yours. You guys go ahead, you re-target them until they’ve made a sale.” And then, post-sale, sell them accessories, things like that. Maybe 60 days after that, we come back in and say “Hey, have you done that Toyota Care appointment? Maybe National comes in and says, “Hey, don’t forget you have a warranty.”

So, there’s plenty of opportunity for everybody along the line to advertise with somebody, but when you have the swim lanes and an enterprise DMP saying, “Hey, roadblock. Don’t talk to this person.” They’re on the national level, the regional level, or the dealer level, it’s much more efficient for everybody.

Robin: So, I love this. So, you are kind of educating up front and saying like, “Hey, you know, why would you want to waste money doing this?” And, it sounds like they have other opportunities to upsell to them; that sounds great. How do you showcase, kind of, the return on this on the flip side? Are they asking for results, or metrics like that?

Myles: Yeah, always, they’re always wanting to show that we’re driving people to their dealerships, whether it’s foot traffic or there’s digital traffic, right? The more people that come in the better it is for everybody. I think a good example is on Google, because when you’re saying, “Hey, we’re all bidding against each other.” You can see monetarily how, you know, why are my bids going up? Why can’t I get on the first page? Well, because we’re just competing each other. So, if we sit back and say, “All right, on a, for example, a dealer term with the geolocation or whatever it is, you know, that’s the dealers, or a certain term is Toyota’s.” Then you allow for one party to really get in there and bid on that user and not bid each other up.

Robin: Ok, well I thank you so much for helping to educate all of those people out there so the rest of us can benefit from that.

Myles: Very welcome, Robin.

Robin: Sure. This has been another edition of Brandonomics, an inside look at top brands and their marketing strategies.


Gulf States Toyota (GST) is one of America’s most successful private companies and one of the world’s largest distributors of Toyota vehicles and parts. Founded in 1969 in Houston, Texas, GST teams with Toyota Motor Sales USA and over 155 Toyota dealerships in our five-state region—Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Mississippi and Louisiana—to meet the rising demand for Toyota vehicles and parts. Gulf States Toyota is part of The Friedkin Group.

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