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Great design is not just beautiful – it’s purposeful

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Design is everywhere – and in more places than you probably realize. You recognize it in billboards and book covers, but it’s also in the architecture and décor of your favorite coffee spot, along with the napkins, coffee packaging, in-store signage and even what the barista is wearing.

When all the elements of design work together, they create a powerful brand and experience. They make us feel something.

But the kind of design that makes an impact doesn‰’t start with the question, ‰”How do I make this look good?‰”

It starts with the question, ‰”Why?‰”

Why ask “Why?”

Let‰’s take that neighborhood coffee shop you love so much as an example. Why did they go into business? They could have started any business to turn a profit, but they love coffee. The owners chose to share their love of coffee, a sense of home and a quiet, calm escape with their neighbors.

This purpose is revealed in everything they do ‰- from the warmly lit interior of their shop to the choice of cracked old mugs and mismatched chairs. Their brand, their unique identity, their personality as a company all stem from their purpose.

People naturally react to and are engaged by good design, whether they realize it or not. But for many, all ‰”good design‰” means is something that looks professional. It‰’s easy to get your hands on something that looks good; there are infinite website themes and templates, as well as grab-and-go logo sites where you can plug your company name in next to an abstract shape.

But is that design smart? Is it effective? Does it mean anything? The value of truly great, purposeful design is that it solves a problem so seamlessly, so logically that you couldn‰’t imagine it any other way ‰- it just makes sense. And it can do that because it starts with why.

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