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Is Your Culture Creating Real Connection?

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Human beings crave connection.

We are hardwired for it. The drive to forge relationships that create our sense of belonging and identity are as innate to us as our need to breathe and eat. We have survived as long as we have and created the civilization we live in because of our need for connection.

Would it surprise you to know that a recent survey indicated that one in four American adults can be considered lonely? Loneliness also exists in the workplace. This not only has a direct negative impact on the individual but affects team dynamics and the organization as a whole. As human beings we need connection to learn, to be inspired to create and to innovate. Companies need those things too.

Does your culture cultivate and create an environment for connection? We strive to create community wherever we are, so at work we are building relationships. If your culture is strong the bonds between your employees will be as well. At Savage we call that tribal. When we feel like we belong to the same tribe we are more collaborative, creative, innovative, and productive. Here we aren’t just family, we are Savily.

To encourage that kind of human connection in your business it is important to create more opportunities for personal interactions. Companies are utilizing group video conference calls to create that sense of community when utilizing a remote workforce. Scout, a customer support service company, has their Troop Leaders set themes in advance for their All Staff calls. Then everyone can bring something specific they want to share with their team and everyone can learn more about each other. Practices like these make work culture stronger as it helps employees discover unique connections with each other. This sparks better connections for the future.

Creating a sense of connection in your office should be part of your culture. At Savage we make sure that our values and behaviors encourage connection for win-win relationships. We Stay Curious, one of our behaviors, with our Savage Shares. Any employee is free to share anything about their personal life with the company. A new employee brought his shoes and told us his life story through them. Another passed her iPod around the room so we could see what types of music inspired her. By celebrating what makes each of us Smart, Fresh, and Human we are also taking a proactive stance on building a sense of community within our walls.

We are human, and our need for connection is just as important at work as it is in our personal lives. As a business leader it is imperative that your culture fosters stronger connections. Create your tribe and watch how it fosters stronger relationships that will impact your business with all the benefits of real connection. 

Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

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