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Just Breathe

Posted on Categories Conscious Leadership, Culture/Employee Engagement, Design for GoodTags

An hourly reminder to breathe...

Seems kind of obvious, doesn’t it? Like many of us who own an Apple watch we get this hourly reminder – but how many people really pay attention to it or give it much thought?

I’ve noticed it more and more lately, probably because I seem to get the reminders at some really appropriate times – to the point where sometimes it’s a little spooky, like the watch is spying on me and just “knows.” I also understand however, that the perfect timing of this may correlate with the increasing frequency of actually needing these hourly notifications. I think 2020 has caught many of us out of breath, from running down the aisle at Costco to snatch the last mega-pack of toilet paper to a dumpster fire of a political season to ongoing Covid concerns and social unrest – we’ve really needed these reminders.

If I’m out cycling and breathing hard, and I get the notification – I laugh to myself a little – yep, sure, gotta breathe. But when I’m stressed at work, or on deadline, and feel like I’m in over my head and I get the notification – what a welcome reminder it can be! At a foundational level, if we’re breathing, we’re okay. Forget the stress, forget the deadlines, and the “have to’s” – just breathe – you’re going to be okay. Besides, they’ll make more toilet paper, I promise.

Avatar photoTo Doug, inspiration is life, an energy, something you can breathe in and ingest – more sustaining than the finest caffeinated, gluten-free, protein-packed, responsibly-sourced substance on earth. Doug's true passion is helping non-profits inspire change through strategic design.