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Savage Brands—Playing On Purpose

Savage Brands—Playing On Purpose

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Savage introduces an experience designed to help you tap into the positive powers of play—and to reconnect with your true purpose.

It’s a balmy evening in April, and the event room at the Downtown Sheraton in Philadelphia is full of Conscious Capitalism 2017 attendees—CEOs, thought leaders, business strategists, and high-ranking representatives from companies across the U.S. At any moment in time, these business luminaries have their hands full—as members of the Conscious Capitalism movement, they work to shape and drive businesses that not only perform well, but do good in the world—the overall goal is to elevate humanity through business.

At this exact moment, however, they have their hands full – of play dough.

This event, titled “Play Like a Savage,” was the culmination of Conscious Capitalism 2017’s second day. Savage Brands designed the experience to model different types of play via exercises that work to connect our “everyday” mind with our freer, more playful, creative mind—and through that, to help attendees reconnect with their inner purpose. Clay, crayons, wordplay, and teamwork all feature in these exercises, but Savage Play isn’t about the medium. It’s about the message.

Facilitate the power of purpose through play.

The message, according to Jackie Dryden, Savage’s Chief Purpose Architect, is built around the science of play. “Play is something we don’t do enough of in everyday life—and it’s something that’s especially missing from our day-to-day work lives.” Even creative jobs can come to seem rote when enthusiasm and sense of discovery are lost. One’s personal purpose—the sense of inner direction that pushes us to do our best work—is the single most important element in keeping your work (and lives) moving in positive directions. “Play is a way back in—an access door to what makes us ourselves. It helps you access gifts, enhances your work, and drives surprising realizations and reminders about what you were put here to do and be,” said Jackie.

That idea is backed up by Dr. Stuart Brown of the National Institute for Play. “Play is something done for its own sake,” he explains. “It’s voluntary, it’s pleasurable, it offers a sense of engagement, it takes you out of time. And the act itself is more important than the outcome.” These are some of the reasons that Savage developed the Play Like A Savage approach, featuring play stations that encourage different types of play, from the hands-on (Play-dough!) to the more competitive and cerebral (wordplay and puzzle-solving).

What they all have in common is their goal of reconnecting individuals with their original purpose—however, they also have enormous value at a team or company level. Bring together a team of individuals who have reconnected with their individual purposes, and who have recommitted to being the most open, explorative, creative versions of themselves—that’s a team that’s going to build powerful (and powerfully surprising) results.

Play is just a small part of Savage’s overall commitment to Conscious Capitalism, and to encouraging more purposeful businesses. But play is a door—it’s an invitation to connect with others on a different level, and to re-examine the self you were before you were a CEO, a decision-maker, or a business strategist. It’s your chance to ask yourself “What was my purpose in the world before I worked in it?” Reconnect with your sandbox self—your recess-loving, puzzle-solving, wonder-filled real self. As Savage has seen, waking up that playful inner child is a fast and fun way to reconnect with your purpose. So come play with us! (But BYO juice boxes.)

Avatar photoSavage Brands believes in unleashing the good inherent within all organizations. Business results are driven by connecting with people at the belief level. That’s why we align everything a company says and does with its Purpose through a proven process that links strategy and execution with “why.” We solve the challenges corporate America faces by building tribal loyalty from the inside out, focusing on people first to deliver authentic brand experiences. Savage builds purposeful brands, communications, leaders and cultures.

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