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Video makes internal communications visual and relatable

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Looking for a way to make your internal communications more compelling? Try using video. Monica Silva, team lead of internal communications at Phillips 66, discusses how a video starring their CEO made the launch of their spinoff company's vision and values more successful.

Robin: Hello, and welcome to this edition of Brandonomics, an inside look at top brands and their marketing strategies. I’m Robin Tooms, Vice President of Strategy at Savage. My guest, again, is Monica Silva, team lead of internal communications at Phillips 66. So Monica, welcome back to Brandanomics.

Monica: Thanks, Robin.

Robin: Well, last year your team was in charge of the branding and communication strategy around the spinoff of Phillips 66 from Conoco Phillips, and I wanna talk about how you initiated that initial launch day messaging. How did you do that?

Monica: Our key centerpiece of our launch was a video where our CEO was kind of starring in and narrated the video that we were really proud of. It was a really emotional tie to our vision and values, and we knew employees were gonna love it. So, we did a few little teasers ahead of the launch day to drive kind of anticipation of something new was coming, and then we armed our key ambassadors ahead of time and let them know when launch day was, when launch time was so that they could be prepared. Then, on the day of launch, we sent an all employee e-mail from our CEO that kind of revealed the vision and values and linked employees to this kind of key centerpiece launch video, and it went off without a hitch thankfully.

Robin: Well, this video sounds like it was a key component to the entire communications that day. What can you tell us about the theme behind that?

Monica: The theme of the video was called Moving Forward. It was very retrospective and in fact, looking back to our heritage companies and honoring what those companies brought to Phillips 66, but also made sure that we were always looking ahead to the future, and kind of capitalized on the excitement of the new company.

Robin: Well great. Well, thank you for sharing about this great launch day communications vehicle. Appreciate that very much.

Monica: Absolutely.

Robin: Well, this has been another edition of Brandonomics, an inside look at top brands and their marketing strategies.


Phillips 66, created through the repositioning of ConocoPhillips, is one of the world’s largest independent downstream companies. The company operates three segment-leading businesses: refining & marketing, midstream and chemicals. The team of more than 13,500 employees are providing energy and improving lives daily.

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