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3 Ways to Give Your Company an “Attitude Adjustment”

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Recently, a Texas restaurant shut its doors temporarily, noting on its sign that it was “closed for an attitude adjustment.” When we hear the phrase “attitude adjustment,” we often think of a parent correcting a child who’s not acting the way he should – and that’s just what this restaurant owner was doing with his business. After noting that his workers’ customer service was not meeting the standards he expected, he announced the restaurant would close for a time of reflection, training and staffing changes.

Take a look at the level of service in your own company ‰- is it meeting the standards your company claims, every day, with every customer? If it‰’s not, maybe it‰’s time your business got an “attitude adjustment” of its own.

Here are five ways to help your company deliver the right attitude:

Give Employees Purpose

Employees want to know that they‰’re part of something larger than themselves ‰- they want a sense of purpose in their work. If what they‰’re doing feels like busywork, they won’t take it seriously and may not treat clients with the respect they deserve. Share your company purpose with them, and let each employee know how their work is contributing to that greater good.

Deliver a Values-Driven Performance Review

Every company should have a set of corporate values in place that prescribe the right way for employees to do their jobs every day. But sometimes those ideals can get lost in the shuffle of employees‰’ day-to-day activities. Remind them of the way they should be acting on the job, and let them know that their performance is not just about the numbers ‰- it‰’s about how well they‰’ve lived out the company values.

Treat Employees Well

While we all know the golden rule, ‰”treat others the way you‰’d want to be treated,‰” there‰’s a lesser-known rule for business leaders that creates an excellent environment for the right working attitude: ‰”Treat your employees the way you‰’d want them to treat your customers.‰”

Want your customers to be shown respect? Find new ways to respect your employees every day. Want employees to communicate well with clients? They’ll need great communication from you first. The happier and more valued employees feel, the better the service they will deliver to your customers.

So if you‰’ve noticed a drop in the level of services in your company lately, take a leaf out of one savvy restaurant owner‰’s book and consider how you can inspire an ‰”attitude adjustment.‰” Your customers will thank you.

Avatar photoSavage Brands believes in unleashing the good inherent within all organizations. Business results are driven by connecting with people at the belief level. That’s why we align everything a company says and does with its Purpose through a proven process that links strategy and execution with “why.” We solve the challenges corporate America faces by building tribal loyalty from the inside out, focusing on people first to deliver authentic brand experiences. Savage builds purposeful brands, communications, leaders and cultures.


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