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Brand Advocates: A Tale of Two Car Dealerships

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Recently, I had the privilege to see a company whose brand advocates inspired action and loyalty. My husband and I were in the unenviable position of being in dire need of a new car, the old one having finally given up the ghost. Our search took us to two dealerships – one we had been attracted to by radio commercials promising unbeatable deals, and one that had been recommended to us for the positive experience of working with them.

Dealership A: No brand loyalty

At the first, we were indeed offered low prices. But we were greeted by an impatient salesman who claimed little knowledge of the vehicles, scolded us for not bringing print-outs of the deals featured on their website, and managed to convey that he was unhappy with his manager, with the way the dealership was set up and with his own occupation as a car salesman. The experience was unpleasant, and we left with the overall feeling that our business was unwelcome.

Dealership B: True brand advocacy

Contrast that with the second dealership, where the salesman greeted us warmly, offered detailed information for every car on the lot that we expressed interest in, and spoke again and again about how much he enjoyed working for a dealership that treated its employees with respect and went above and beyond to foster positive, long-term relationships with its customers. ‰”I love this place,‰” he told us. ‰”They operate differently than any place I‰’ve ever worked. They care.‰”

The deals we were offered at the second dealership weren‰’t rock-bottom prices, but we found the experience of working with them so much more enjoyable that we were actively looking for ways to deal with them over the first dealership, and ultimately, they got our business.

The Takeaway: Train employees into brand advocates

There were three major differences between the employees at these two dealerships: their attitude, their training and their loyalty. It‰’s obvious that an essential part of the values and culture of Dealership B is that they value the customer very highly and look for ways to build long-term relationships. The second salesman also made it clear that his training had included extensive understanding of the product, as well as understanding of how this company works differently from its competitors.

Do your employees know how your company is different, and are they living it out every day? Employees who know, believe and are committed to your purpose will be compelling brand advocates.

Avatar photoSavage Brands believes in unleashing the good inherent within all organizations. Business results are driven by connecting with people at the belief level. That’s why we align everything a company says and does with its Purpose through a proven process that links strategy and execution with “why.” We solve the challenges corporate America faces by building tribal loyalty from the inside out, focusing on people first to deliver authentic brand experiences. Savage builds purposeful brands, communications, leaders and cultures.


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