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The Power Of Leaders Who Do What They Say

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It is an absolute requirement to be the steward of your organization’s purpose and live out the values you claim.

“To believe in something, and not to live it, is dishonest.” – Mahatma Gandhi


Recently a CEO friend of mine said that the three key ingredients to building a great culture are:

1) belief in the mission,

2) clarity of the vision and

3) having fun while living the values.

There is a growing movement in the business world that proves all of these points to be true. I have seen in my own business, and also in my clients’, that clarity of vision and passion for purpose are instrumental in long term success. However, having a clear purpose and vision alone are often not enough – his third ingredient, “living the values,” is critical in a company’s ability to bring its purpose to life. Even further, the key to that statement is the word “living.”

To walk the talk as a leader should be an easy concept – just do what you say. Instead, what is probably more accurate is the phrase “easier said than done.” When companies list their values on a poster in the breakroom or on their website or even state them in a town hall they somehow expect everyone to adopt and abide by those values. But then you turn around and the same leadership team that posted the values is behaving in a completely contradictory manner – and you wonder why we don’t trust leadership.

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