Want to be innovative & disruptive? Disrupt your own operations first

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With today’s competitive markets, if you want to be an innovative company – the kind that disrupts industries and leapfrogs competitors, then you can’t conduct business as normal. And if you’re looking for forward-thinking leaders to match that strategy, would you expect to find them through traditional means, or is this a time to think unconventionally too?

Companies looking for a new and different way of finding their executive leadership could take a page out of NRG‰’s book ‰- the company is crowdsourcing to fill the president position of its $6 billion NRG Home business segment.

But why is NRG home considering this radical step? Think about this: by opening this up to a worldwide business network, NRG has a chance to leverage opportunities they might never have known of otherwise. It‰’s not just an interesting gimmick ‰- this is a brilliant way to attract just the sort of ‰”disruptive, unconventional thinkers” the company is looking for. Their vision is to disrupt the entire home utility market, so that is going to take a leader equally ready to take on that challenge.

I‰’m excited to see a company of NRG‰’s size using an unconventional approach to finding a new leader. And you can bet I‰’ll be tapping into my network to see if I know someone who fits the bill. (After all, how could I turn down $100,000 for the winning referral?)

So, while this example highlights an unconventional way to find a leader, it also applies to other areas that need innovative thinking. If your company is looking for ways to be innovative, consider the processes you have in place for hiring, retention, training, compensation. When was the last time you looked at those practices? Are you getting and retaining the right people ‰- the ones that will help you excel?

You may find that disrupting your own business can help you disrupt an industry!

Read more about NRG’s reorganization and leadership search in the Houston Business Journal article.

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