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Even B2B Brands Should Consider Social as Part of the Marketing Mix

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Let’s face it, communication channels have multiplied, so numerous touchpoints with your brand are the rule, not the exception. One notable increase has been the proliferation of informal communications, namely social media, which is now an inevitable part of modern day brand communications. More and more potential employees and individuals with buying power are looking to online communities to get a flavor for a company and its brand attributes.

Whether or not someone chooses to work for you or with you isn‰’t just a decision about your tangible benefits, but your intangibles too. This is where the power of brand ambassadors and collective voices in social media can work to enhance brand satisfaction and loyalty.

Today‰’s brand relationships go far beyond performing a task exceptionally well. Brand relationships are holistic, and competition for market share is fierce. This is why companies must use as many channels available to them to make their case and paint a clear picture of their brand values and purpose. But, it‰’s also important to give brand ambassadors and key influencers access to share their own experiences, which can validate brand claims, set records straight and encourage decision-making.

Even for B2B businesses, social media plays a key role with establishing brand relationships and reputation, and influencing customer decisions.

Take for example Exxon Mobil Corporation(XOM). Clearly, ExxonMobil maintains a stake with consumer relationships and support. But the multi-national corporation also uses its Twitter profile to educate, as well as communicate its own innovative developments, as well as support for female STEM recruitment, demonstrate industry safety standards and encourages dialogue among industry experts.

This type of participation not only showcases ExxonMobil from a consumer standpoint, but also allows peers and partners to gain valuable insight into the company‰’s values and operating practices, and demonstrates how external brand ambassadors participate in these conversations.


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