Brand Storytelling Brings a Little Magic to Your Branding

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With social media and social sharing sites consuming so much of people’s time, it’s no wonder that storytelling has become the best way to share your brand. The traditional methods of “push” advertising get old very quickly, even if they are clever and well done. But stories? People never get tired of great stories.

Take this ad from WestJet Airlines, for example. The low-fare Canadian carrier took the time to create a really compelling story about the magic of Christmas, and people love it. In just two days, the video has garnered over a million views, and the responses are almost unanimously positive.


Where some brands might have pushed a huge, expensive advertising campaign that had short-term effects, WestJet‰’s creative team chose to spend that money on the people that support the airline and then talk about it. The end result is a positive impression of their brand in the minds of more than a million people and much more bang for their buck.


Here are three ways you can bring some of that magic into storytelling for your own brand:

Share your positive initiatives

Your company is involved in giving back to the community and starting positive initiatives both internally and externally ‰- but how many people know about it? If you‰’ve relegated those great moments to one dusty corner of your website, it‰’s time to bring them into the light. Talk about them on social media, and be sure to include lots of pictures, video and quotes from your employee advocates!


Ask your employees how they‰’re getting involved 

Speaking of those employee advocates, every person in your company has a cause that they care about. Ask them how they‰’re getting involved in the community, and be sure to share those stories as well. After all, the people that make up your company are a huge part of your brand experience, and your audiences will be more excited about working with people who show that they‰’re engaged and caring.


Show your audiences your purpose

Share with your internal and external audiences what your company is all about ‰- the non-monetary value that it contributes to the world. Everyone wants to be part of something that‰’s bigger than them, and by showing that you‰’re doing something valuable, you‰’re giving your audiences something to buy into. Not sure what your company purpose is? Talk to our resident purposeologist, Jackie Dryden.


Spend some time thinking about how your company can start telling its story better in the new year. You‰’ll be amazed at what it can do for your brand! Want more tips? Check out these storytelling tips from our Brandonomics guests.

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