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Innovation not just in products, but in product marketing

How do you claim a space all your own in B2B digital marketing? Joel Tarver, senior manager digital marketing at Baker Hughes, talks about how they’re using gamification and innovative digital practices to make their product marketing more engaging and effective.

External messages start with internal engagement

If employees aren’t aware of the messages that are being shared about your company, how can they reinforce them? Begin every marketing effort by engaging employees internally first–advice from Donna Smith, director of marketing and communications at Forum Energy Technologies.

Trustworthy companies: When brand and business are interchangeable

If you want to be believed as a company and as a business leader, your business and your brand need to be interchangeable. Jay Steinfeld, founder and CEO of, talks about how they make their brand true in their day-to-day operations.

Alignment of purpose takes the fear out of an acquisition

Every business leader is afraid of losing the heart of his company if he sells; but when both companies are aligned in culture and purpose, there’s nothing to fear. Jay Steinfeld, founder and CEO at, talks about how the alignment of their purpose and Home Depot’s affected their acquisition.