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Engage your employees with purpose, and you give your company a huge advantage.

By helping your employees understand the purpose of your company, you open up opportunities for them to build and add value to your brand. Robin Tooms visits with Ralph Vasami, president and CEO of Universal Weather and Aviation.

Where’s Waldo? Mapping social networks to find your company’s influencers

Often, companies looking for their most influential employees don’t even know what they’re looking for. Mapping internal social networks through organizational network analysis helps you pinpoint the most important and influential internal audiences. Jeppe Hansgaard, partner at Innovisor, talks about performing the “Where’s Waldo?” of the business world.

Rebranding tips for CEOs: Engage employees & middle management

Successfully rebranding a company from the top-down means listening to your customers and your employees, then engaging middle management as influencers to keep momentum going. Ralph Vasami, CEO of Universal Weather and Aviation, shares their strategy for gaining brand alignment.

Convey consistency when you have multiple sub-brands

How do you convey the consistent message that you are one brand when your company is composed of multiple sub-brands? Donna Smith, director of marketing and communications at Forum Energy Technologies, shares how they’ve built their external messages to demonstrate their unity.

Employees live the brand when they understand their purpose

When employees understand the part they play in the company’s larger purpose, they live out the brand you’ve built. Ralph Vasami, president and CEO of Universal Weather and Aviation, talks to Robin Tooms about how he personally helped employees understand their purpose at Universal.

Assess legacy brands to preserve brand equity in M&A

Acquiring multiple brands? Assessing each to determine how much equity it has before creating a holistic branding strategy is essential. Donna Smith, director of marketing and communications for Forum Energy Technologies shares about the discipline required to bring in multiple new brands.