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How do you know it’s time for a brand refresh? Research.

The challenge of refreshing a brand is keeping the equity and familiarity of the old while establishing new relevance. So when do you know it’s time to make the change? Michelle Holmes, director of marketing at James Coney Island, shares the research that went into their decision to give the brand a “face lift.”

Making Your Customers Look Good

Part of your brand experience should be improving your customers’ lives — and if you interact with your clients’ brand, you should be making them look good. Troy Pike, CEO of Parker School Uniforms, talks about helping schools promote their brand so that their customers can focus on what’s most important.

Creating a brand that resonates with employees

Your brand can only be authentic if it’s supported by your employees. Brian Anderson, vice president of strategy and marketing at FlexSteel Pipeline Technologies; and Monica Silva, team lead of internal communications at Phillips 66 talk about building cultures and brands around what resonates with their employees.

A+ for executive involvement in marketing & branding

Marketers are an integral part of overall business success — but unless executives are involved in the branding discussions, they may not understand the value of marketing in achieving their business goals. Jim Aivalis, CEO and president of Prometheus Energy Group, and Daniel Cotlar, Chief Marketing Officer at discuss how marketing plays a vital role in their companies’ success.

Branding never stops: Strategies for continuing success

Branding is a never-ending process of communicating the value and culture of your company. Brian Anderson, Vice President of Strategy and Marketing at FlexSteel Pipeline Technologies, talks to Savage’s Robin Tooms about how their branding strategies continually shift to support their business.